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    Dan (Lived through the nite)
    Anyone use NTL ?? today its letting me dial up but not view webpages, BTClick is fine though,anyone else having the same probs ?Dan

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    huxley ex{clydesdale}
    not having same probs just saying that aol sucks

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    Tim Derbyshire (product tester)
    NTLS stands for never too late" the engineers laugh when tell them that."

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    Senior Member iffy geezer's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    I sometimes get the odd problem with NTL, but as it's free I don't really care that much. For those sad people (like me) who are interested I have it connected 24/7, with automatic redial on connection loss, on a Linux box which provides the mail server and internet gateway (with proxy and net-nanny like access for my kids) for my home network. All this costs me is the 7-50 a month for the 2nd phone line, not much really. In fact the NTL phone/internet service is far better than the TV service, that's allways crapping out!

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    Dan (Conspiracy or Hoax ??)
    ok, i found the problem, the server is fucked in my are, they dont know why mine connects though ( idiots, now im on a standard BT Click pay per minute thing Dan

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    huxley ex{clydesdale}
    my condolences

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    Crispin Evil
    yeah, NTL does mess up every once in a while, but i don't really mind seeing as i'm paying virtually nothing for it...i totally abuse the system, it redials automatically and when i'm out, i leave Audiogalaxy on and steal shed-loads of music in my absence.i can go to uni and come home to at least 2/3 new albums, all for 10 a month!

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    Sick Boy
    I use NTL, and all I can say is they're wankers.My already paid for 90 a year ISP no longer works with NTL. So it works out at 90 for one months subscription.Oh well.

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    Martin R...
    We've had problems connecting to various ISP's from my work.There's been a virus around today which attacks PC's and servers running Microsoft software.NTL (as your ISP) may be suffering some problems.Buy a Mac!

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    Crispin Evil
    buy a gameboy advance instead!

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    Sick Boy
    Nah, the ISP told me it was the fault of NTL, and that any cable telephony provider (i.e. NTL), would make connecting to the internet hard.Fucke*s.

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