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    After waiting ages, and enduring the disappointing bloat of the likes of 'Terminator: Salvation', along come two good SF films in one go. Now we just need the upcoming adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road' to be up to par and we have the hat trick.

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    Haven't got to see District 9 yet, but would also be curious to know what number 1 was for you?

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    Moon - not as clever as it thought it was, but still very good.

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    Reading The Road now.His description of the world thats left and the landscapes around make this one of the darkest books I have read.Real horror.The bond between the man and boy is heartbreaking.Very Lone Wolf and Cub.I hope they can do this movie justice and somehow keep it as close to the book as possible.

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    I can't imagine how they could really film it, to be honest, be interesting to see how it goes. Do you want to know the ending...?

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    It was all a dream ?I think it would be quite easy to film tbh as the book follows pretty much a linear narrative.  Won't expand on this though, so not to spoil it for Quinny or anyone else reading it at the mo. Trailer looks promising and suitably bleak. Speaking of Moon - saw Silent Running again last week for a quick nostalgia buzz, rather dated now but watchable.  The robots still had a remembered charisma to them.

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    Was a good film.  Some of the script was a bit weak but you can't beat electric guns blowing up people!According to IMDB The Road has a release date in Feb 2010.  Trailers can be seen here -

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