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    25 racing 6th, 27th Sept and 18th Oct Lee Quarry, Rossendale full details on website Womens prizes from Minx Girl and series prizes from Hope Friendly racing for all abilities, give it a go!

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    how does it work then, is it just one race or do you have to do all three on the other dates, and also how serious is it as i'm not that quick....

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    You can do any number of the events or all three. We operate below the "serious" side of racing with no points on offer, the aim is to encourage people to start trying to race and get faster If you aren't that fast go for the "Have a go Heroine" category, you race for about 1 hr 20 mins and the course is easier. We read the faster guys the riot act about being "nice" out there and have a zero tolerance approach to abusive conduct, the result is we get lots of feedback about how polite and friendly it is out there.Spectator support is good and all the marshals will cheer you alongall the women who have done it has commented that (although tough) they had a good time

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