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    A friend of mine recently went on one of the skills training days with 1Bike1, this is what she said: "I recently took part in a training day organised by 1bike1 and taken by Mark Hobley. It was a great day and I felt I benefitted greatly by it. Mark ran through the basic stuff to see what I was capable of and then we went on to tackle the issues that I had difficulties with. Mark was endlessly patient and soon had me flying down singletrack that previously I had only walked down! these skills have stayed with me and are used on every ride and have improved my confidence and I enjoy my riding much more now. looking forward to the next one!" Sally J  1Bike1 Skills Training Days

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    You appear to be one of 1Bike1's instructors. I'm guessing you've not read the forum T&Cs much/at all?;-)

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    Jonathan says, "Whilst out on the trail I was watching some riders and to be a bit blunt, it wasn't pretty! I asked them how long they'd been riding and how much their bikes cost them. Between the three riders, they'd got £2500 worth of bikes and had been riding between 1-4 years. I know that if they spent just £40 each on attending the fundamental skills training, it would make their time on a bike a whole lot more fun, safer and more enjoyable with the skills to be able to ride a wider range of trails. A day spent on a skills training day WILL make a difference to your riding!"I am not a marketing expert, but I don't think its a good idea to belittle your potential market on the first page of your website, you should be reinforcing the positives of your training, not highlighting the weaknesses of potential customers.  I agree with the sentiment, but think you need to work on the phrasing.

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    Mega skillz.

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    MSP's spot on, that's just condescending what you've written.

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    You be a bumper and a spammer and a thick one at that.

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