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    Hi Bike Magic people - please can you upload shecycles gallery pics onto this sites galleries? Thanks

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    I'd like to think so - let me look into it...

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    Yeah get them girly pictures uploaded please. Oh and whilst yer at it please fix the MY GALLERY button please. Hasnt worked for months. If i see that blue screen once more

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    shecycles gallery

    Whats this board for?

    When you post new photos in your photo gallery and you want your friends to check em out, tell us about them here.

    Why this board?

    Well, heres the reasoning. Lots of people have online photo galleries. Galleries are a great place to share your photos with friends and family. There are many different galleries out there, but most of them share one thing in common: they dont have a good announcement feature.

    The other part of the reasoning is that people tend to update their galleries in spurts. Most people arent out taking and adding new photos every day. Gallery visitors can get bored quickly if new content doesnt show up often.

    The solution? Announce new photos and new albums in your gallery here. Anybody whos interested in seeing your photos will know when new stuff has shown up and theyll know where to go.

    Rules and Guidelines

    Rule I: Please ensure that you post a URL to where the new photos are.

    Guideline I: Please kibitz and comment about the photos you view. Many galleries have a comment feature that lets you add comments to photos within the gallery, but all the fun about these forums comes from discussion. Discussion starts with people saying what they think about photos.

    Thats it. Take photos. Post photos. Announce photos. Review photos. Have fun.

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    yeah well share some pics

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