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Thread: CERN Rap

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    goes on a bit though

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    I still don't understand exactly what they're doing with it but it looks pretty cool

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    they are coliding particles.we heat them up and so they join together, fusion, they try and get them to join by basically making them hit each other really fast.

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    Yeah I sort of get that but what will it tell us?

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    it tells us more about matter and particles, whats inside if anything, how to break them, what do they become, how do they change, what states do they occupie when they are changing. why do they do what they do.Its all therotical to help understanding of matter, look at it this way, if we do not understand as much as we can, there may always be some mysterys then how can we start to manipulate matter.Think telepotation, generators etc. we need to understand matter before we could ever start just making stuff from particles.

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    Serge,  not a believer in the Big Bang and Dark matter as you well know,  so if CERN goes live and goes whoops our models are wrong and they stop wasting time on them I'll be VERY happy!!Good video though,  funny and a good look at CERN and explanation kinda.

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