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    andy brown
    Can anyone help me , I saw a thread which mentioned this magazine and have since attempted to purchase it in various outlets in Nottingham including W.H Smiths , who after ringing their suppliers told me no one had heard of it. I beleive it is only quarterly , so if someone could help me track the Damn thing down it would be appreciated.Oh by the way is it any good !!!

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    It is very good check where U can subscribe.ITs not available in any newsagents, only bike shops and riding areas like C-y-B and Afan Argoed.

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    Pat Mustard
    Try your local bike shop.Or subscribe. It really is pretty good.

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    Herr Pimpernickle von Jazz-Meister
    Rather fine, what!

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    Caroline Mackinlay
    email chipps@compuserve.comhe can let you buy a copy!ask your lbs to stock it...

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    Dave Whittle
    and if you'd been paying attention a week or so ago you could have got a subscription for 2 quid!

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    For what it's worth, I'm one of the people who got a Singletrack sub for 2. Got me issue pretty snappy after that, and I'd have to say that it's well worth it. As mentioned,

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    More Gears Than Sense
    Actually I think its rather pants! But its the best out of the Bunch of Pants (its the most comfortable pair), which is y I don't read bike mags or any mags for that matter. All you need is on your screen!

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    Anne Brown
    I think the photography is pretty good. A gallery thingy here would be nice. They have one in Surfmagic.

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    More Gears Than Sense
    Yes thats true Anne, besides we should be getting a picture of Graham Baker with those big dirty Y fronts on his head after winning King of Slackers!But other pics would be nice. Come Cullen get it sorted dude!

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    Cullen Ward
    Pics?We do have a gallery feature. I'll start a new thread in the soapy box

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    Yeah, I reckon a gallery would be good, there are lots of BM rides being organised now and I am sure people would like to post up pictures of these events.

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    You beat me to it Cullen, where is this gallery, I don't remember seeing one on the old site.

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    Singletrack?? Having read the second issue which I picked up at the Schwinn, I think they should consider changing it's name to Singlespeed. Good read though, routes look good.

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    andy brown
    Thanks for the speedy responses , i'll give it a whirl.After all the trudging round trying to find it , its made me so much happier knowing I could have got it for 2 an Issue !!!

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    It's a shame you didn't go Sleepless in the Saddle (or know someone who did), they were handing out free leftover copies of issue 1.but you didn't want to know that did you?

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