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    this is a scam, don't be tempted!!

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    please explain??

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    He refuses to meet in person....this is how he wants to do business Dear Sir, Here is EXACTLY how I propose you to make a safe deal:You go to your nearest Western Union branch and deposit the moneyyou have to pay me on a RANDOM name ( EG yourfriend name, your wife name... etc. ) After you deposit the money you will receive thereceipt ( your Send Money Form paper copy ). Scan itand send it back to me in JPEG format. In thisway I make sure you that the money have been depositedcorrectly and I see that you have the money.Once I receive the scanned receipt from you,My mother will IMMEDIATELY ship The bike.After you will receive the bike you have 2 days toinspect and test it. If all is OK, you willhave to go on Western Union and modify thetransfer details by changing the receiver name and address with myname so I can collect the money. And our deal ends there.If you are not satisfied with the bike, you can sendthem back to me and securely withdraw the moneyyou have deposited at Western Union.It's a 100% safe deal for both of us. Your bigadvantage: you can inspect the bike before I getpaid.Please let me know your answer.thanks!

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    Do not even entertain contacting this guy. He is a Nigerian scammer using the same old systems of non tracable e-mail and wanting to use a form of bank transfer. I offered to meet him the day the add came on and to trade for cash on collection. He refused as you would expect and never replied from then on. Hold at arms length and drop!!!

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