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    /sawyer\"|Nice bike Alex.

    I have to say I didn't think the changeable headtube featured on th
    2007-07-26 16:54:15.110000000

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    Alex (She don't use jelly, or any of these, she u"
    Ordered one of these last night, from Merlin. I'm a very happy bunny!Any idea how long it usually takes for Merlin to deliver?

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    Dan(AKA Defender-Dylan is my Idol)
    They deliver quick, though the chicken is quicker IIRC

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    How Long, hmmmmm I expect you'll be posting, WHERE IS IT soon enough!!Nice freeride / DH beast, it'll be worth the wait!!Even if it does take 5weeks.

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    Senior Member Nigel Hancock's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Bloody hell its turning into HORSEmagic on here, or are you geting a new BIKE?

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    Alex (Supreme 6 on its way!!!)
    lol, no, this is an actual bike, a Commencal Supreme 6 Mini DH. I'm feeling smug, because I think I've got the last one Merlin had, and it's 10% off Commencals atm!So in the end I only paid 1350 for it, I'm so happy!

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    Thats a one pretty bike man, they are soooooo lovely to ride, i had a chance to ride one week ago...VERY ENJOYABLE Surly you'll have a good time on it

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    Alex (Supreme 6 on its way!!!)
    I know, they are so nice. I hired one when I was in Morzine and it was awesome.

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    Jul 2004
    Mmm, that looks like it'll absorb the big hits rather nicely. And then some...

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    Alex (Supreme 6 on its way!!!)
    It's here, and it looks awesome.I'll post some pictures up when it's all built up

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    That was bloody quick, forget pictures get out and crash it

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    Thats a lovely bike!Im going green.

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    Alex (Supreme 6 on its way!!!)
    Piccies!I would go out and get it muddy and scratched, but I've got work to do and a crappy cough! But I will get it out somewhere this weekend, rain or shine!

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    That looks fantastic. How does that headtube work?

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    Alex (Supreme 6 on its way!!!)
    Lol, feck knows!I need to do some reading and fiddling, I sense I will be in the garage til late tonight...

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    I wouldnt touch that part until you know exactly what the feck is going on. It looks like you have to clamp the headset cups for some reason :-/ I suppose yer never gonna get a slack headset cup.

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    Senior Member BobBullet's Avatar
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    What is that headtube about then ? I dont get it.Very nice Alex !

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    Dont you read my posts Bob??

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    Senior Member Mike! :)'s Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    it's so you can have 2 different head anglesso the headtube is summit like this[\] (but a lot less exaggerated)so by turning it 180deg, you can either gain or lose a few deg of head angle steepness

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    WTF you talking about mike??? The headtube is fixed to the rest of the frame. Its only 2 clamp bolts that are there so they can only be compressing the headtube for some reason. Oz you takin the piss ;-)

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