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    While I was lookin through MBUK a couple of days ago,I noticed on page 175 on the top left hand side of the page,There is a picture of Steve Peat on a grey GT,While I was lookin at the formentioned picture,I realised why he is so fast,If you look closely you will notice he has red pupils,And that he is not human,And I think GT Made Steve Peat out of broken or discarded GT race bikes and decided to make The ultimate downhill race machine,And that`s where Steve came from,He`s a downhill robot,And that`s why no one can beat him and he does`nt come off either,Strange that aint it.

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    tony mcgarley
    as long as he beats that wimp little frog, then i don't mind what he is made of.

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    Nah, can't be so. If he was made of old GTs, he'd be overweight and break after two weeks of light use. Then it would take six weeks to get spare parts and, er,....hang on a minute: I see what you're saying. It all makes sense now. Great work, SM.

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    Shawn .......thinks the police are sneaky bastards
    lol, no chance of gettin any spares for im now though

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