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Thread: Bank nightmare

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    This whole episode has made me realise how vague all this on line/phone banking is.Fine most times but when things go wrong, you have nothing in writing and nothing to prove conversations.Nothing like a cheque and visiting your branch, a branch that knows you by name like it used to be. (old git mode engaged)And I remember when all this was fields !

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    This may cheer you upI am in the process of getting all my bank charges back from the last 6 years.Charging 30 for going over your limit by lets say a fiver is not a reasonable charge, therefor it is not legal.I have asked for my statements for the last 6 years to be sent to me, which upon arrival will be perused for any charges. Once I have a figure I will be writing to my bank explaining this is not a legal practice and would like my charges refunded within 28 days or I will be taking them to a small claims court to recover the money (any amount upto 500 can be delt with in the small claims court and you will not be liable for the banks legal costs). Apparently 99.5% of people doing this have got there money back. The bank will not send any one to represent them in court as this will cost them much more and will lose by default and have to pay your money back. In most cases the money is paid before it goes to court.Details can be found (includind a letter template to print out which is worded correctly) on Martin Lewis Money Saving Advice web site.Have fun. Get even

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    That's the fella Nobby

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    His site's full of good stuff - I got 340 back from my (ex)Bank.Congratulations BB2 - they don't like it up 'em do they?

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