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Thread: farewell mike

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    sadly Mike the mechanic from my lbs is leaving for pastures new,and I would like to take this opportunity to wish him all the best in his new post as top technician in the (soon to open) major bike store in Glasgow-a shop thats going to unsettle a few of the established stores I assume.Michael and his boss Donald treated me as a friend rather than a timewaster and therefore received almost 2.5k worth of business.I wish other companies were as helpful.Thanks again mate.

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    which new shop would this be???I'm from glasgow and wouldn't mind finding out about this new major bike store thats going to unsettle a few established stores"...I usually use alpine bikes as Dales are a pain to deal with...details plese!!"

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    the DefenderDan(FlaPly come dancing contestant)
    mike who?

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    Mike 'ock ;-)

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    the DefenderDan(FlaPly come dancing contestant)
    LOL @ Clocky

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    Hungry monkey 'mountain man'
    think evans are opening a store there at excape (sp?) in may.

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