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    Is it wrong to poo in the woods while walking the dog, that's me that is the dog normally poos in the wood.

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    If you take it home in a plastic bag, that's fine. If you hang aforesaid plastic bag on a tree, that's wrong.

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    I had a shit in a plastic bag once, missus' sister was visiting...I know London is a shit dive and you might get used to washing off the grime, but seriously she was in the shower for the best part of 45mins I couldn't wait to get in the bathroom.

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    Cumbria, not Yorkshire.
    Thanks for sharing that, William.

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    I aim to please

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    I didn't happen without pictures. No, wait....

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    No I didn't happen to take any photographs of my poo.

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    No, no, no - no poo pictures!
    On second thoughts, poo pictures are ok, but no pictures of poo, please.

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    Send 'em to

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