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    Baron von Grinder(Goose steppin disco diva)
    Dont worry, Jim'l fix it.

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    Hungry monkey (2 days to go...)
    sure, but he shouldn't be driving etc while under the influence, and therefore putting other, non-associated, people at risk.he is the lead singer of babyshambles and was the lead of anothr band who i cannot remember the name of, and is also the on/off boyfriend of fellow druggie kate moss ; )

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    MaJiK MoO - WhErE aM i?
    fair doos if people wanna do drugs....but he blatently advertises it to people(young impressionable fans) and tries to make it look cool. just a bit too inyerface for me.

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    Baron von Grinder(Goose steppin disco diva)
    a wasted talent IMO. I quite like some of his lyrics and I dont mind a bit of out of tune singing but there is no denying that he is a grade 'A' twat of the highest order.As for the Crown Prosecution Service, dont get me started.

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    AHHH the kate moss boyfriend now i know trampy looking fuker??yeah i never realised about the driving thing ...sorrylet him be a crackhead if he wants c*** wont live very long is all. Take his driving priveldges away aswell ffs let him get a chaffeuer and employ some fuker

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    Senior Member JaseT's Avatar
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    Exactly matty, His life will be short. I wouldn't waste my time by worrying about what he does. He's a sad fcuker imo but i wouldn't give him exposure by starting a thread about it. It's exactly what he wants....although probably not on BikeMagic :-)

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    the DefenderDan
    *imagines Pete at home, with a line and a cuppa looking at BM*

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    Senior Member JaseT's Avatar
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    LOL... that bastard JaseT, what a turncoat he is, thought he was sticking up for me too, Kate...KATE..have you seen this?..."Blah blah :-)"

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    What a bunch of born-again wankers you lot are. Are mountain bikers really this boring ?

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    Senior Member Mustrum Ridcully - Kicking Against The Pricks's Avatar
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    Unseen University

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