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Thread: Christmas List

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    Dark Lord Chuckles - Ice riding expert
    Hmm, I played with the wish list on wiggle and without being silly* it got to £400, and that didn't include new wheels Them little kettles take ages to boil Alan, you want a little gas stove and a mini kettle to go on it, risk of fire as worth it for a speedy brew.*well not really silly anyway.

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    Thanks for the help mate.Whats the strangest christmas present you ever got.Mine was from my parents, it was a fish shaped set of soap holder, tooth brush holder and soap dispenser. Was pretty grim i can tell you.

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    Senior Member Numpty! 's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    I would refuse to bow to the handlebars, much like I would refuse to bow to the Royal family.

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    Senior Member J D's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Yeah cycle socks are defiantely worth the extra but £4.99 upwards is steep.Not sure on advice on getting kids to actually pedal circles its a tricky one. Got a tip for getting off stabilisers!My son is getting a new race BMX for xmas i was going to try and wrap this one as i haven't for any of the others,but itr sounds like its best not to bother. Might box it instead.

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    Wouldnt yer son get scared being put in a box???

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    Senior Member J D's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Nah it means xmas day i get a lie in !!!;¨)

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    I wake my son up on christmas morning. Only day of the year he gets woken up by me.I havent worked out how many sleeps till christmas day but its getting close!!Sinead, thats one hell of a list. Whats wrong with yer gears etc. Bit of bling calling is it?Paul owes you big time for his new bike, i would aim higher. Maybe XTR.

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    Majik Moooooooowoooowooooo-ooo-wooo!! COMEDY ICE SKATER
    GirtyGotta pay for it somehow! All my moneys coming off my credit card bill!!!

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    the DefenderDan
    Errr i could do with some new tyres........and some socks without holes in.........a matching pair would be niceOr some new Forks........*keeps on dreamin*

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    Senior Member Goaty-Death Facilitator.....'s Avatar
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    In Norfolk. Its a bit flat mind.....
    Turner 5 Spot frame and a set of Avid Juicy 7 brakes. It's never gonna happen but we can all dream I suppose.

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    Inbred Fairy
    Kate Silverton, in baggies on a newly built up Turner with all the fineries of bike pimperey!!! ** might have made up a few new words there...!

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    jim the summer" sault"
    hiding bikes some where in the house is best plan from experience of getting my first Raleigh (still to this day don't know where my parents put it or how they got in the house) haven't stopped riding it not early to be thinking of Christmas but since you mentioned itmaintenance stand camelbaklightsglovesnew shortsgood DVDI haven't really thought about ithaha

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    Senior Member Mike S's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    My boss is giving me a great xmas present. He's going to Aus for a month, so I can skive off even more than normal and ride my bike lots :-)Oh and I'd like some more Assos clothing please and some M frame lenses and some RAM bars.

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    Worst Xmas present ever bought for me was a toilet that plugged into your PC . Whenever you deleted something the PC would make a flushing sound and the toilet had fake plastic bubbles in it . I never installed it and it got tossed into the back of a cupboard at first opportunity once the coast was clear .I just treated myself to a set of Halo Freedoms today so I don`t think I`m gonna get away with anything bike related for xmas . Well I may try for a Hope 6 Ti for the back of the Patriot :¨P .

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    Mike! (Amateur Animator)
    mike wants Klay World: Off The Table, Lotson bike, perhaps just a new bike altogether :-P

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    Senior Member Sinead's Avatar
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    Hobo, I don't actually want new shifters, but my brake levers and shifters are attached so when i get new brakes ( and i really do need these) I have to get shifters aswll, its becoming expensive.I forgot to add socks to my list.And not too far away from christmas, its a month and 4 days

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    I was just told today (well yesterday now) that the insurance replacement for my pinched bike may be ready in time for Christmas.So on my Christmas list is:Specialized S-Works Carbon EpicFull XTR groupFox F100XThomson/RaceFace finishing kit

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    Not a thing, if my Bike needs it my bike Gets it so there is nothing left LOLConsidered treating myself to a steel frame but already had Vega ( £112 ) MX Comp ETA ( £200 ) so should really LOL

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    Senior Member Luke.'s Avatar
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    the nippers getting a bike, the wife a new item of custom jewllery and me a set of bars.

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