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    Which newsreader would you use for the RSS stuff just set up on BM???

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    Senior Member Dylan Hayes's Avatar
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    Google reader is quite good, if you can't be arsed to install yet another bit of software on your machine. Firefox livebookmarks work reasonably well, although they are not a full RSS reader.Failing that there's loads of others, some free some not. I use RSS Bandit for testing feeds we developed at work, as it's free and I'm a cheapskate.

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    the DefenderDan(Goog's just jealous)
    Natasha Kaplinski.........i would *doubts this is relevant.... but still*

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    Senior Member ptc*'s Avatar
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    Richard Baker

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    well I did think of the finbar potential!Nat? well yes I guess

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    Smidge (Daft Apeth)
    Dylan - Firefox works well for me, but as you say not a true blue RSS reader. The New FireFox beta has better compatability with RSS as well.

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    Kate Garraway, is she a news reader? mmmmm

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    The (Inbred Fettler) FLaP
    I thought this thread was about something completely different (as a few others have as well!!)Don't you think that there are a lot of Natasha look-a-likes on news 24 now?

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