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    Aphrodities Child-The four HorsemenStunning song with a man who went on to have a stunning carrerThe Who-Baba ORileyGreat intro, fantastic finishAlanis Morissette-Thank YouA beautiful song by a beautiful woman

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    Alan, cycling wombat
    Where are those CDs?

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    Bloody Kato Rackham
    A beautiful song by a beautiful woman"eye of the beholder and all that ;-)I'm listening to Interpol"

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    the DefenderDan
    CassiusKasabianCold PlayU2Happy Mondays

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    the DefenderDan
    Alanis Morissette- Thank you but no thank you, a bit of a wingy moany so and so IMO...i have me mum for that

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    'Angry Woman Music' Dan

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    No more wingy than any other woman Dan!

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    the DefenderDan
    No more wingy than any other woman Dan!"Aye, me mums a force to be reckoned with Any woman that listens to Alanis too much you've gota be weary of.......get a knife in the back whilst sleeping"

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    Happy mondays-Brings back happy memories of being pissed a lot and having money-Ahhhhh,

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    the DefenderDan
    ......i have a couple of Sean paul tracks......but i should keep quiet about that

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    Why dont you try Aphrodities Child-The four Horsemen dan-Great song.Think its on itunes now unfortunately :-(

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    Alan, cycling wombat
    Tonight, The Dandy Warhols

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    Baron von Grinder (sky buccaneer)
    get a knife in the back whilst sleeping"ah! but she'd find a spoon when she was looking for the knife."

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    the DefenderDan
    I'l have a search on iMesh Reaper, think ive already exceeded the download quota about twice over but im buggerin off soon

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    the DefenderDan
    Being spooned to death could be just as painful......a longer and slower death

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    I could email you-not done it before but worth a try-Email me first

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    Myself, mixing it up in a progressive styleee

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    Senior Member ptc*'s Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    A new demo from Prong via a link from their website.

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    the DefenderDan
    YGM Grimm

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    the DefenderDan
    you into your trance goog? i got the latest godskitchen album other day....some sweeet tunes

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