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    steve makin
    Anyone like to donate anything towards the prize list for the Jacobs Ladder Challenge ?, I myself have a set of unused SPD cleats that could count towards one of the prizes !!

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    Dan (is miserable today)
    i will donate a SC Superlight ( coz im good like that )Dan

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    Iv got a collection of fucked FSA cranks you could have. All of which are completely pointless of course, quite in keeping with the challenge i believe....

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    A gimp will do, Dan.I have some Onza pedals, and some rigid forks with a 1 steerer."

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    Grown-up-your-@rse Da Silva
    I have some Jacob's crackers that need eating.

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    steve makin
    Correct, you get first prize for pointing out the pointlessness of it all, good job Da Silva, all bets are off

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    Four Assed Monkey
    The winner will get my respect. being as I am a disrespectful sort, then the prize is unique and priceless.

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