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    After a bit of a ride tonight, invited a mate around for a BBQ as the weather was nice. Had of the option of either putting the bike in the garage (would have been the best option) or in the back garden where we normally put the bikes after rides, as our back garden backs and is surrounded by adjoining houses with the nearest public area (car park) over 5 or 6 house away. The only people that could have seen the bike are our closest neighbours or someone on the top 2 stories of the flats about 150mts away (not sure who they could spot an expensive bike from that distance).Anyway had a bbq (in back yard), ate inside (kitchen with large glass windows overlooking back yard), went upstairs to eat chocolate and watch TV for a few mins before my mate was going to ride home. Less then 30 mins later went down stairs to find the bike missing and back fence part down.After running around to neighbours, etc someone saw 2 kids climb over 5 fences (including their back yard) with the bike, until they reached the car park and obviously took off. Police have been very helpful as they no longer come out for bike theft.Will be heading into brick lane tomorrow hoping we see the bike and ideally the little f****rs who nicked it. Anyway if anyone sees the bike for sale or is offered it I will be happy to pay you a 200 reward or whatever you paid for it and another 100 for your help. Details are:Black Specialized Epic (2003/4 model)RS duke XC forksV brakesExcellent condition (before it was thrown over the 5 fences anyway).Darren ( or 07775802535

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    .......sorry to hear that Darren..good luck in finding it......if you catch the kids give em a kick from methink its called learning the hard letting the gf drive your car

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    Thanks Dan,The annoying thing is that it would have been better if it was my bike as at least it would have been covered by insurance.Another annoying thing is that I so often leave the bikes in the back yard for hours unattended after washing them.

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    im lucky *touch wood* i live out in the sticks so lawnmowers get nicked over MTB's........they must have been watching you to know when to grab it.....hopefully they'l ride it in front of a 40 ton truck

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    Hungry monkey. (formally Marv the...)
    'hopefully they'l ride it in front of a 40 ton truck'hopefully they'll leave the bike on the pavement and walk in front of a 40 ton truck.little scrouts.

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    scrouts?? a sprout's foreskin? :@lets be honest the chances of getting the bike back are small, hopefully a 40 ton truck followed by a steam roller and 3 buses.......would show the rest of the bike thieving scrotes!

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    That ain't good. Spread the word around the bike shops in London. That way they can, and will, keep an eye out for you. Best of luck

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