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Thread: like Mike

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    Was enjoying the doctor who thread but when I went to log on to post a reply I'd forgotton my login details- emailed the editor and Mike Davis had it all sorted out within about 5 minutes.Anyone else had a pleasant experience with this bunch then?Cheers mate!!!

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    Anyone else had a pleasant experience with this bunch then?"No comment! TEEHEE! Fine bunch of folks up the road. Apart form Mark, who's a kiwi! "

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    Yes there all marvelous folk on here, its like one big happy family........all for one and one for all

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    well, it was just sorted out soo quickly (I sound like an advert for an insurance company now....)Jings I need to go home.

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    They're great chaps. Got some nice prizes out of them in the past.Wouldn't mind some new style BM stickers to replace my 'retro' ones if you're reading guys ;-)

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    .....oooh bumper stickers?....i'd buy one

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    Senior Member Mike Davis's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Without actually finding out if it's OK, I like to think that sending an SAE to PLEASE SEND ME SOME NEW BM STICKERS, Magicalia, Caxton House, 2 Farringdon Road, London, EC1M 3HP" would do the trick. Or go to the Merida 100 at Builth Wells in a couple of weeks."

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    now then....

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    I had originally intended for this to be nothing more than a big up" for Mikes help but if theres some stickers involved now....well, thats a different matter..."

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    Paul The Lampy
    mike, you have just run out of stickers for next week just posted my SAE

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    Paul The Lampy
    will now sit by letter box in eager anticpation for my nice new shiny BM stickers.....

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    ........sell some on the website........with a witty phrase....prizes for the best one

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    If our excellent postal service is working correctly you may be sat there a while Lampy. ;-)

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    I won a HAD a while back. Darned useful it was until it wore out. I'll have to get another sometime!

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    Paul The Paranoid Lampy
    still waiting, getting boredanybody remember those maximum mountain bike socks mmb gave away when they 1st launched????

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    I never realised BM towers were so close to my office (Clerkenwell Green). How about that.

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    Oh and i have a BM sticker... think i got it at a merida last year.Stuck it on my laptop, so all can see I'm slacking.

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    Paul The Paranoid Lampy
    still waiting for mine

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    The stickers will go out in the post today.CheersMark

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