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    I'm sick of all the negative,carping comment on this forum,what about some good news for a change?Here are my top 5 items of good news for today.1)Foot and Mouth is under control,and will soon be eliminated completely,so the nice man from DEFRAS says.2)The good old Queen Mum is 101 today,and she' still riding an MTB.3)Parts prices in America are 20% lower than here for sound economic reasons,not gross profiteering.4)We all love Dan,Gaston,and all the various Daniels,and would hate to think that any of our comments upset anybody.5)None of us have ever bragged about our bikes,slagged off anbody else's bikes,or tried to sell anything on the sacred forum.Now lets all try to be a little more positive,eh?

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    Dan (ich goss ihr Blut)
    1) Hooray2) hurry up and die bitch i need a public holiday3) wankers4) i love me too5) not strictley true, i tried to sell rimspositive thats old new boy negativs the new positiveDan

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    Nice Dan. I suppose German beats pig latin. Wenn ich auf dein Gesicht wichsten, dann koentest du mein Blut giessen.And you'd be quite right to do so.Surely 'rims' are included in 'anything'?

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    More Gears Than Sense
    Thats were I have been going wrong all these years, lie to ones self to make ones self happy. I'll see if that works.1) Foot & Mouth is gone. Ouch damn it just got buck shot in my arse from riding down a trial that said it was closed, but foot and mouth has gone, particularly in Yorkshire.Blah Blah blah.....Need beer must leave work soon!

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    1) My missing cat turned up yesterday after 10 days

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    Dan (Dirtyrider) will not be attending court this morning
    you be eating well today then jon ??Dan

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    naah, he's come back really skinny.

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    Somebody was hungry, I was looking after one of my boyfriends cat three weeks ago and it went missing for four days. When it returned it had half a tail and a broken leg. The vet thinks it was sleeping in a car engine - you can imagine the rest. Poor thing cost me a weeks wages, lil' basket.

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    Dan (Dirtyrider) is gonna get fined
    i dont understand people that pay good money at the vets !!! get a new one its cheaper than having the old one fixedDan

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    Te new Kona distributor is called Paligap, old hippies may link the name with Hendrix but the Hawiian connection will do for now.Paligap are doing KonaThe address is Unit 9 Willment WayAvonmouthBS11 823673Service parts such as rear derailluer hangers, decal sets and bushing kits are available direct.

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