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    I think the general first point of call is to ask for a meeting with your boss, say you have issues with the proposed changes and ask him to explain the motives behind them, and also explain your concerns that the figures are not approachable etc etc.I think it a little early to be building a case against the employer.Although saying that, I would be taking notes of all that goes on...just in case.Saying that, Sales is a shocking industry for such behaviour. Alas if you agree to these new terms he has every right to get shot of you if you fail to meet them. However, if at the time you stress that the figures are unrealistic and give reasons why, he can't just barrel role you out of the company.

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    Baron Von Grinder 13th (bad) Coy, Iron Horse Brig
    get a dick to phone.sorry i mean a dictaphone

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    PHone your last employer now, & explain that you've made a mistake by leaving. (You DID tell them how much you'd enjpoyed working there, as youy left, didn't you?)

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    or just sell so many cars at a loss that they sack you anyway, but it'll be worthwhile !Got any nice BMW 3 Series on the forecourt going cheap by the way?

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    As I recall, if either party to a binding contract break that contract, by changing the conditions, then the breaking party must offer the other party the option of accepting severance. In this case, if you have to give 4 weeks notice of leaving (i.e. breaking contract) then they should offer you 4 weeks pay to sling your hook if you don't like the contract. I could, of course, be very very wrong and you would be well advised to consult a legal professional. You don't need to tell your boss you've done so unless you're backed into a corner - just use the knowledge you gain to further polite and constructive negotiations. Then, when you get nowhere because the boss tells you that you can or cannot demand/request something, you can then tell them that you have legal advice to the effect that you can't or can make such demands/requests.Sounds like the outfit you're working for are a bunch of devious shysters who will screw you over given the slightest opportunity. I'd say get out unless you view this as essential to furthering your career. See if your old employers want you back. Sometimes they will because you have inside knowledge on a possible competitor, although you have to be a bit careful about divulging such info!

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    I'm a bit rusty in this area, but....Some time ago, if you worked for an employer and they paid you, after some period of time, you had a de facto contract, even without a written contract. I don't know if this still stands and how long the period of time was.If you get a contract which specifies your salary and you then receive a pay rise, is your employer in breach of contract?Another thing. I've had employment contracts in the past which state that I can't work for a competitor if I leave my current employer. I've always been happy to sign such contracts because they're not legally enforceable. You choose a career/profession and then apply it at different employers. Where the f*** did your existing employer find you? That's right, he nicked you from a competitor! If that's such a wrong thing, why did they steal you in the first place?Eight years ago I had a non-competitive contract. My employer was taken over by competitor and I was told to resign from my existing job and sign a new contract. I told my new" employer that I wasn't allowed to work for any other European competitor for two years and refused to comply. I had great fun taking the p*ss.Best to talk to a lawyer and find out where you stand legally."

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    thanks for the advice - I have a free consultation with lawyer booked for this week so might be able to do some feedback later!!!!!

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    Just got some good news on the employment front.Having never been unemployed before i have always been proactive in getting a job. So i called a few people i know in the trade, i am commercial orientated anyhow rather than cars.Had an interview last friday for a job and got the call today asking me when i can start.Now how do i approach this with my current employer. I know that:1) They can be absolute tw*ts when it comes to people leaving and salary.2) I do not trust them to pay me so do i hand my notice in on pay day and leave that day.3) Do i hand my notice in and refuse to talk to the MD or have it out with him man to man.4) Do i buy a load of shite for the company and leave a lastin legacy of crap cars for huge money!!! - Only joking, i am not dishonest.

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    If they can be such tits with no notice, surely i can leave with no notice and they cant say anything. How do i stand with getting my p45 from them though??

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    Have it out with the fister man to man and tell him the truth about his poxy company. You might as well leave on your terms rather than his and lets face it, you'll feel better for it:-)

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    Any employment la

    Hi ladies It looks like Im going to be made redundant. Without going into lots of detail, I was wondering if there is a lawyer in the forum who might be able to point me in the right direction to have my agreement looked at...I want to get as much benefit from my entitlements . I have to have officially accepted by Tuesday, so any help would be most appreciated Thanks Leese

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