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Thread: Sorry guys

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    The first XI meet last night was (fortunately - heavy weekend) a bit of a quiet one. No rushing for the porclain telephone, no insane drivel and no stories of Pizza Express waitresses. There was a waitress at the pub though with very small... doesn't matter.What I want to know is where was everyone who said they were going to come along? Dylan? Stuart? Mr. Leigh got held up in traffic, so it was up to myself, Pat and NBT to drink ourselves silly, ogle the local poontang and discuss new ways and methods of trolling.Poor show guys!

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    Mike Beckley
    That'll teach me to go posting on the PROPER thread before reading the other catagories

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    Senior Member Dylan Lang's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Sorry - had a system problem here that meant I could leave till 11 I can assure you that I would have much preferred to ogle the local poontang and discuss new ways and methods of trolling". Next time hopefully..."

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    Mike Beckley
    So when is next time. What are all you guys doing Sat p.m.Come to the Chilterns

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    Stuart Nicolson
    PMJ, I was never going to meet you lot yesterday, being in Leeds and all that would have made it a REALLY expensive few pints thanks to GNER's flexible price plans - we'll add a zero on the end of your pre-privatisation ticket price sir, seems perfectly reasonable as since we made the trains slower you've now got even more time to enjoy your journey". Next time I'm in the village I'll give you a shout, or you lot could come up for the Northern Branch Meeting of the first XV, to be scheduled in Leeds or Manchester at some point soonish."

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    jon wyatt
    I might make a Leeds one. Dunno, don't go out that much without a bike.

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    Probably not able to make that, unless it's combined with the Lady Bower ride... There's a thought!

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    Who's Lady Bower?

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    pmj i have a very sulky mgts sat to my righthe asks..>did you get pm pissed as requested

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    I'm afraid not! NBT and myself had a couple before Pat arrived, thenm when I offered to get the next lot in no-one wanted one! Pat reckoned his excuse of 'doing some miles then having a few pints' wouldn't wash again. And neither would the training room toilet.<Sigh>Still, if it's on (your) home turf next I feel a good sesh is inveitable - cheaper beer, Pat and NBT back oop North... I'm looking forward to it already!

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    Excellent.Barrels of Beer.Followed By A Roger With A Red Hot Poker.Any One For A Bribe Or A Loan Welcome.Where Is This Meeting To Be Located.

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    Stuart Nicolson
    Disgusting performance there Pimp. Did Pat have any grapes with him? (that was part of his mission as well).Never before has there been more need for an NBT - the Lady Blower ride would get far more interest than Ladybower...First XV Peaks weekend anyone?

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    Hmm, perhaps I could even be tempted down from the North for that. Keep me informed Stuart.

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    More Gears Than Sense
    Howdy Pimp & Stu, finally got back on line, no thanxs to some so called mates!!! (U know who u are!)Bit disappointing turnout last nite then Pimp, we will have to make up for it when you come up to Leeds, alternatively Harrogate!Lady Bower, or Blower, theres better further north! Anyway I'm up for both the beer and the ride. Will have to break out the Tandem again then Stu. Fancy job as stoker Pimp - don't worry it is full suspension.

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    He had the grapes, but the hon. Mr. Leigh was caught in the hell that is London traffic, so could not recieve them. They do look nice on my kitchen counter though, and my bitches are very good at peeling them and dropping them into my mouth after a hard days slacking!

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    Stoker?Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... .!!No.No way. I have a big enough problem being a back seat driver, let alone a stoker!!!

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    Mmmmm Harrogate and the delights of the Jimmy's 3 nightclub.

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    Stuart Nicolson
    Pimp you truly are a wise man. AFAIK no-one has got on the back of that thing with MGTS more than once....Good stuff in Dales is shut due to Gob&Trotter and will be for the foreseeable future.Peak is open, we can camp (or there's a bunkhouse for the weak and old) at Pindale Farm, get lashed in the Cheshire Cheese, get escorted out of the cement works by men with big dogs and bright torches on our way home when it seems like a good idea to ride around in there, and all sorts of other mischief.Cheap beer, excellent riding and easy to get to from everywhere.What you say?

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    I heard that the peak wasn't that good for riding. Certainly an article in MBR says that there aren't that many bridleways so I always figured that it wasn't worth going.

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