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    Would you like to work in a busy local bike shop in Surrey. We are currently looking for a mechanic for the Guildford branch of can offer good rates of pay with a friendy and fun working atmosphere, and best of all you would be playing with bikes all day. There is also the incentive of 'trade' price on all bike bits.Any enquiries to Dave on 01483 302210 or email us on in the bike trade is not a necessity, but your mechanical skills must be of a pretty high level. The learning curve can be steep, but can also be very rewarding.

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    Dave Wright
    I'm very interested - have sent you an email.

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    Charlie T
    Is that the one in Burpham? If so, lovely shop you lot have there! As well as being next to one of the best beer shops in the UK!

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    Senior Member Mal Grey's Avatar
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    Good bike shop. Next to a beer shop. In Surrey. I'm there!Know a couple of people who may be interested so I'll let them know!

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    Charlie T
    Malcolm, if it's yer man from Wardour, I think I've already got him something sorted out!

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    Damn....too far.

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