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    Neil ....
    I want to buy some single crown forks for my '03 Heckler. Currently running some 2002 Z1 Freerides but they're a bit heavy. I have the Fox AVA RL rear shock. Any suggestions please?

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    Kato ...

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    Senior Member mark cooper's Avatar
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    Maverick, oh bugger ther are dual crown.Fox Vanilla's then

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    Gary Ewing
    Manitou Shermans.I love mine. They're great.I bought my Sherman Firefly 20mm bolt thru for 299 from Merlin Cycles. You can probably find a similar deal if you shop around.20mm bolt-thru is great too. Sure it takes a few extra seconds, and doesn't work with all car racks, but the increased stiffness and security is worth it IMHO.They've got 5 of travel, incredible stiffness/accuracy, a small lock down for climbing/road work, and they just work brilliantly.Read the review I posted in the review section - everything I said there still stands. Except I like them more. I've found them great for everything from small ripples to 4ft nose-dived clumsy drop-offs.My only reservation is: How much do you weigh? If you're between 10 to 12.5 stone the stock settings *should* suit you fine. Much heavier/lighter and you *might* need a different spring. Talk to the dealer.Tim Flooks/TF Tuned Shox is becoming a Manitou approved service centre too, which means you can get your forks and rear shock serviced at the same time."

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    Gary Ewing
    The Manitou Minutes are also very tasty. A friend has a pair on his SC Chameleon.Fox fox fox blah blah blah...Yes I know they work well. I know they're great. But Manitou's new forks are too, are stiffer, and look better!

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    Did anyone mention Fox?

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    David French
    Fox Vanilla.

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