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    ron jeremy
    wat a rip off these sales are really old stock ....poss circa 1989 all really old stock and i think overpriced for wat it is ......please dont waste my time.....i could be out falling off!!

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    4-Assed (not so fatboy) Monkey
    Know what you mean mate. If you want Ronhill Tracksters or 7 speed cassettes your laughing......

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    Obviously one for the retro freaks then.

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    Some of the stuff is good but i do agree, lots of 1980's luminous cycle wear that is really horrible.It's best really just to stock up on cheap lubes and inner tubes etc - although they were selling Duke U-turn XC for 140 which i thought was a very good price.I also got some of those little Backupz lights for a fiver which are good.Don't know who buys a lot of the crap they sell though - although there were a lot of older cyclists at the one in Brum and a lot of mothers buying stuff as presents - obviously buying the cheapest stuff that their kids will then never use!!It's good to browse around, but i'll stick to buying most stuff on the net and my LBS.

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    Senior Member MrD's Avatar
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    PX bars canbe picked up cheap for commuter bikes (if like me you can damage a set of bars on the commuter run these steps just appeared out of nowhere and begged to be ridden down!")winter mudguards can be gained cheaply if you turn up lubes anyone?and if you look real hard you might find teflon coated brake/gear cables cheaper than the prominant clarkes ones!"

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    good for tools too

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    John (Stuck in't mud)
    I got some Adidas winter boots reduced from 99 to 40, so I'm not complaining, SPD cleats for 6, rear mudguard for 5, etc.Bankrupt stock perhaps? who cares

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    Dave :I was'nt quite last: O-B
    job lot of teflon spray for less than Halfords, who's complaining?

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