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    When others are training, you are training.When others are playing, you are training.When others are sleeping, you are training.When you are sleeping, you are dreaming you are training.This has become a serious conditionamong triathletes worldwide. It can leadto lower PB?s as well as a leaner,stronger body. The surgeon general hascontemplated issuing a warning but theproblem seems to be inherently a?Triathlete Only? situation. Should thiscondition begin to spread to the generalpopulation there will surely be some type of intervention from various government agencies. It should be noted that this has not occurred and in all likelihood it will not become an issueSymptoms1. Dizziness and/or blackouts afteringesting fast foods.2. Prolonged activity does not cause ashortness of breath.3. Butt shaped like a bike seat.4. Inability to lie around watching TV.5. Irritability on the bike trail whenblocked by slower traffic.6. Unexplained craving for sports bars.7. Webbed feet.8. Rash of worn out running shoes.9. Strong urge to push beyond normallimits.10. Sweating/convulsions due to notbeing at a workout on time.If you have any of these symptoms pleasecease and desist your activityimmediately as it may escalate into a full blown case of TRIATHLETITIS. This is a relatively new and somewhat unknowndisease but there will be updates as more information becomes available.

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    ....Triathlon must have taken him by surprise! was the title.

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    SloBoy - Ask me why I'm walking like this
    But it is strangely seductive. Maybe God invented Marathons (thin boney people suffering intensely) and the Devil invented tri's - people with the ideal body shape of the multi-athlete, wearing lycra and riding flashy bikes...

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    Oh dear, I think I've succumbed.The chemicals in the local pool always screw my sinusses for the weekend, but every Friday evening I'm there at the masters session, pushing harder, breathing deeper, getting more of the sh1t into my respiratory system, not daring to miss a sesh for fear of sliding down the slippery slope to errrrr normality ?

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    - people with the ideal body shape of the multi-athlete, wearing lycra and riding flashy bikes..."and suffering intensley"

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    It all makes up for not having to wrestle Sabre Tooth tigers dressed only in a Rabbit skin pair of pants you see.I know which I'd rather do, but I think I'd rather eat toast on the sofa.

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    SloBoy - Ask me why I'm walking like this
    ...and suffering intensley"That's optional, surely. Do like I do in my competitive endeavours and come last."

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    Ahh sloboy you are not exhibing symptom 9,there is hope for you yet!

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    OK Sloboy, why are you walking like that ?

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    SloBoy - Ask me why I'm walking like this
    Horace - dear boy. Someone cares !Wanna see my saddle sores ?How depressing is that ? Since about spring this year, I've been afflicted and now my pre-ride preparation regime is like a scene for flippin' ER. I've changed all my saddles, all my shorts, got antiseptic this and nappy cream that. But like moles in the garden they keep on appearing. Actually - moles in the garden" - I rather like that as a euphemism."

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    Obnoxious Bike Mollester
    Sloboy, you haven't started waxing your arse have you? That can lead to boils etc.I am not speaking from experience.Assos shorts, turbomatic saddle, Assos chamois cream, with treatments of surgical spiri in the evening to harden up the whole area.That'll see you right.

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    If its MTB riding two pairs of shorts ? Lycra under padded baggies?Or have you tried those polaris boxers with a small built in pad, again under normal shorts?

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    SloBoy - Ask me why I'm walking like this
    Why a turbomatic ? In the garage thread, I failed to mention that my garage is filling up with saddles, so although I still have a few classic shapes missing (Flite, Bel Air) I'm trying to be selective now.Over the last year I've been moving towards narrower" from a Spesh BG Sport, to an SI Prolink to WTB Rocket.My moles in the garden are of the "blocked pore" type, seem to occur after longer rides (often don't seem to appear until at least 1 day after the ride) and I sometimes get a "self wedgie" feeling when coming back onto the saddle in roughly the affected areas - same latitude on both sides.Did see some Bag BAlm in a bike shop while on hollys so prolly should have bought that."

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    Obnoxious Bike Mollester
    Turbomatic is the classic bicycle saddle. That and the San Marco Rolls. The Turbomatic has been developed ove rhte years to have quite a comprehensive suspension package, but the saddle shape is still the same as it was all those years ago when it first came out. It really is a good saddle, if you need proof, it weighs more than a pound, but is till teh saddle of choice for a huge amount of full time pros. Big comfy saddles rock. I have the sofa like Fizik Poggio on mine at the moment. Very nice.

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    Oh how glad I am that I bu99ered off on a half day before reading the answer to my question.

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    SloBoy - Ask me why I'm walking like this
    I was very grateful - it helps to share these things.I'm off to bed in a mo, I'll check out progress and let you know, 'k ?

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    SloBoy - if you're squeamish, don't ask
    Also just updated my name to protect the innocent from further trauma.

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    Why not just go back to a wider saddle if you were ok there?

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    SloBoy - if you're squeamish, don't ask
    Well it all started mid saddle as it were - after about 6 months on the SI Prolink.Now all the saddles give me grief (the Rocket is probably best at the moment).Gonna work through my saddle position again, Although I'm at the point where it feels fairly comfy to ride, just that when I check the garden for moles" the little bu33ers are there again."

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