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    The Alan Parsons Project
    How easy is it to sell stuff on e-bay?Do I have to pay anythin?

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    yes, you have to pay a percentage, it works about about 1.00 for every 25.00 worth of stuff sold,theres also a listing fee that varies from 0.15 to 5 depending on the features you wantive sold about 3k worth of bike bits in the last 2 months, only ha 2 people not payDan

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    The Alan Parsons Project
    Cheers Dan, what happens when people don't pay? Do you lose your stuff or do you just have to put it up for auction again?

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    no, they send you a cheque, you wait for it to clear and then send stuff, no risk at allDan

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    The Alan Parsons Project
    Cool, might have to pop over there and register..............loads of stuff to sell.

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