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    Vince - I need to watch Rex the Runt for more catc
    <rant>Honestly, it's about a fortnight since I applied on-line for a Nationwide account. I've filled anything they've sent me as soon as I got it and I still haven't actually got a functioning account yet.They even sent me a letter yesterday telling me how big my overdraft is, when they have even told me my account number, or sent me my debit card and check book!It's really annoying me now as I need the details so I can be set up on my new employers' payroll.Grrr.</rant>

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    Vince - I need to watch Rex the Runt for more catchphras

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    Steevo S (Padowan MTBer, still with much to learn)
    Ah, tis true. Banks seem to be relentlessly heading in the direction of telebanking and online banking in order to cut costs, all in the name of making things easier"."Making things easier" my @rse.I went into a former building society a few weeks ago in oder to open a second account and apply for a loan, but was immediately directed to a phone booth in one small corner of the lobby. The assistant just wasn't interested in doing anything other that give and receive money over the counter. I then has the run the telephonic gauntlet that is the automated operator service, pushing buttons in the blind hope that I a) Wouldn't be sent down a "blind alley"and b) I'd actually get to speak to a human at some point in my applications.All I wanted to do was speak to someone I could see. How the hell is this "making things easier"? It's all bollox."

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    Vince - I need to watch Rex the Runt for more catchphras
    That's really crap. To be honest I should have gone to a Nationwide branch. I'm just so used to telephone banking with Co-op it didn't occur to me. I do quite like to be able to check stuff and pay bills on-line though. I'd have stuck with Co-op if they hadn't been tossers and not let me switch accounts.Recently I rang Co-op to check how big my overdraft facility is. I did at 9pm on a Saturday night, so I guess that's one over branches. But I it took me five minutes to get to an operator (during which time I was repeatedly asked 'have you tried our internet banking service' - yes, I'VE BEEN USING IT FOR FOUR YEARS! SHUT UP!), who then spent ages convincing me to change to yet another type of account, only for their computer to then refuse me. Great, spent about two quid just to get a simple answer.

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    Vince - I need to watch Rex the Runt for more catchphras
    oh the title of this thread is what's plastered across Nationwide's online banking page

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    Paul Cooper
    Hmm, I bank with Barclays one of the worlds biggest banks that gets regularly slated for service - the on line service is very good, I have an online savings account, have never failed to get some one on the phone or in the branch to talk to me. OK they charge third world countries a fortune in interest on their debts but at least my bank accounts fine.My mortgage is with C&G who could be better but generally have proved helpful when I go in to see them.

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    Vince - I need to watch Rex the Runt for more catchphras
    I'm not sure about these 'best bank' surveys. Barclays always get slated, but my parents have used them for about three decades with no trouble. I reckon it's all Guardian readers (Co-op always wins Guardian surveys, in particular, I've noticed) filling in these things and not mentioning poor service just cos Co-op has a good environment/'ethics' record

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    Anne Brown
    I don't really like banks very much.

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    Steevo S (Padowan MTBer, still with much to learn)
    .... Which is exactly what appeals to the traditionally leftie champagne socialist Grauniad readers (Pidgeon-holing? Moi?)

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    Anne Brown
    If I read a newspaper it would be the Guardian. But I wouldn't vote shite for the Co-op.I don't really understand banking with a glorified greengrocer either.

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    JULIA (Mrs Serge)
    does the co-op still do funerals?

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    Vince - I need to watch Rex the Runt for more catchphras
    I hate all newspapers equally.I originally banked with Co-op especially cos it's a bit 'greener' than the rest. But there's a limit to how much crap service I can put up with for that.

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    Vince - I like JAM
    I think they were reading this.Visa card, account and omline details arrived this morning - a mere fortnight and four days after I applied...

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