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    cooky! *shirt ninja*
    should i buy a kona stinky?simple yes/no will suffice.ta.

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    Senior Member Mike D's Avatar
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    Jul 2004

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    cooky! *shirt ninja*

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    I could do you a great deal on my wife's Kona Lana that's been rolled through dog poop...Sorry, forgot, thats a stinky konaCoat on and RUNS for the door........

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    Byron Snatch-Talker
    I thought this was going to be important, like: Should I change my photo after all this time, so I don't look like I have a pink sash over my shoulder?Answer: Yes.

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    Jo - Formally known as Zippy McFly - Mc
    For a minute there I thought you were taking the pi55.Bikemagic: Advising you how to breath since 1999

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    Mad Badger
    Yes. Make sure you get some very baggy jeans so your pants are visible at all times as well.

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    Jo - Formally known as Zippy McFly - Mc
    And a baggy jumper with a massive surfing label on the front.

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    Mr. B
    Who you calling stinky?

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    Smut The Dog (answers to Rob)
    I guess it must be you Mr B, even the kitten is running away!

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    Ste (One Happy Bunny)
    what's wrong with wanting a DH bike?yes, i think you should get a stinky, i want one too.and yes, i do wear baggy surfer jumpers, but i'm a surfer, so i can!

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    Dr Dolittle - Mr Extreme (extremely bad that is....)
    Yes get a DH bike. But the Norco Atomik is better value at 1350.....

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    Beckers ....(not quite in the zone..but I can see it...)
    how disapointing...I saw the thread title and was sure it would be should I shag my mates mum"Cooky, you have gone down in my estimation :-)"

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    SloBoy Undercover
    Mr Destructo never made it back though, did he.Maybe I should try it.First all I have to do is find some mates.

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    Anne Brown
    yes, can you get me one too?

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    cooky! *shirt ninja*
    so having baggy jeans is bad now...?*shakes head*all i want is a bike that i can throw off drops without snapping, and i finally have the opportunity (money) to purchase such a machine, the kona stinky.all i wanna do to my other bike is stick an m4 on the back and it'll be perfect, unlike some people i believe you can reach perfection :P

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    Senior Member Juan Doran's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    So buy it... Am I missing something? Should I eat the chocolate ice cream in my freezer now?

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    Anne Brown

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    Course you bloody should!(though the Spesh Big-Hit Comp looks quite good for a similar price too...)

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    Senior Member Deadeye Jim's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Yes. Make sure you get some very baggy jeans so your pants are visible at all times as well."I resent that comment. My pants are never on view."

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