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    Jonty Dennis
    Hi, From previous advice I am going to go to a car respray place to get my old bike resprayed as it needs a make-over. What do you reckon would be the best colour, Fairly ordinary colours like red and green etc are 40 quid but if can get better ones for more, what do you suggest? Also it's a very old bike(Trek 850 Antelope 1993, I think), does anyone know if it would be possible to get decals that go that far back or is it best just to leave it plain?Jonty

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    Anne Brown
    Silver is a good classic colour (plus it's common in car paint) and it doesn't show scratches and scuffs as much as some colours do.

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    Archangel Azrael
    Matt black's kinda pimpy, but still old skool cool IMHO.

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    R o m e o
    another vote for black

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    Dan (Dan)

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    Mr. Ste (*Moooo*)
    i'm thinking polished alu... maybe a little old GT looking.mat black gets my vote too...mmmm, infact i have a pic of a mat black sworks m5 epic frame floating on my desktop... bet that'd show up scratches bad thoughwhite shows up scratches bad, as they get filled with dirt... bad idea

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    SS DaSilva
    Brown, your bike will go brown anyway, why try and fight it?

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    Mr. Ste (*Moooo*)
    yellow!!!!!come on, you know it makes sence

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    Senior Member
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    Jul 2004
    Burnt red, mmmmmm all warm and nice!

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    Darren McHugh
    Black or red or even both coz just like a woman it will look g8 either colour

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    Dan ( Grey
    Black. Not sure about matt black (sounds pricy), but bikes look great in black.Was thinking today that I'd have an all-black bike if I could afford it!

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    Charlie T
    Don't do Matte, remember how scruffy those mid 90's Marins looked after a while. I quite like a gunmetal grey meself

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    Afrika Korps Camouflage.

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    Junior Member Biker Bud's Avatar
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    the 2003 trek team colours - blue red white and a bit of black.... mmm

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    Archangel Azrael
    TVR Chimea purple?

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    Archangel Azrael
    TVR Chimera purple?

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    Junior Member Glyn Parry's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    If you've feeling rich, I've had a quote for black with flames for 150. For an old frame, try a powder coating shop. You only get one basic colour, but I got an old Saracen painted white for 10. I would go with the black now though.

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