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    Bike 2 build have

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    JULIA (now Mrs Serge!)
    Hi AM,Any chance we could get sight of the photos you took on our ride the other week (were they digital so you could email them??) I was just wondering - it would be great to see them Meanwhile Paul has already decided which suspension forks he thinks I should get (sounds good to me!)....

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    That wretched camera started losing them, due to the cold killing the batteries. I've got 3 or 4, all from that last bit of singletrack (you remember - skidding for the camera;-). I'll send them tonight if I remember.

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    James Squint like Clint
    MXC's as I remember Julia.I'm toying with changing the ones I've just fitted onto Lesleys Bike to MXC's or their nearest replacement.

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    MX Comps - like you tried and were impressed with on Boy Wonder's bike. 130 from bikedock.

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    his hollyness serge the second
    those are the ones.

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    his hollyness serge the second
    mx comps 79!!!!!!!are these the right ones?

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    his hollyness serge the second
    no found them. ignore me.

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    James Squint like Clint
    duly ignored :P

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    Dan (Dan)
    XTR Vees cheap at 32 ? bonthrone had em for 29.98 a pair last month, and XT's at 21.98 a pair, thats cheap !!some bloke has some on ebay as well, 23 a pop HereDan

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    Good prices Dan. But I remember this time last year LXs were 27 each end.

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    Dan (Dan)
    if you ever paid 27.99 for LX your a sucker, 37.99 for XTR's for as long as i can rememberDan

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    Dan (Dan)
    oh and the bothrone prices were a pair ie f+r brakes not just 1 single brake,Dan

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    his hollyness serge the second
    with the XTR v brakes don`t you need XTR levers. haven`t they got some weird pull ratio or something.

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    Dan (Dan)
    nope, they are just regular vees, i do run mine through xtr levers though, but have used all sorts of different setups in the pastDan

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    Dan (Dan)
    its sram shifters that have a 1:1 pull ratioDan

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    Sorry Julia - can't post them tonight 'coz I'm at home and your email addy is at work. Can't post them from work yet 'coz the network is in bits and email is up the duff.I'll try to do it when I can.

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    Senior Member Ryan Gallagher's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    You found the bike2build site as well AM, they are good for some bargains now and again, especially the new XTR a while back...

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    JULIA (now Mrs Serge!)
    Thanks for trying AM (shame though - I was quite looking forward to seeing them as I logged in to my email this morning...) Whenever you can manage it is fine though

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