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    Mr. B
    So... two drinks in one pack, mixed together in proportions of your choice?Make mine a Gin & Tonic. Shaken, not stirred.

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    Aaron Swan
    this is a wonderfull idea! i can only see two problems, the twin bladder will have a set size meaning that you can only carry up to a certain amount of each fluid. say, if you wanted only a little energy drink (some people race with only a small amount as a last resort to keep weight down) your stuck to only having so much water instead of a full pack. maybe it wont be so much of a problem, but if your in a race and youve been supping water, and your gagging for some energy suppin, how easy is it to turn the valve?

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    Raymond Hallam
    My girlfriend does this for racing/enduros.She's carries two bladders in her pack one with concentrated energy drink and one with water. With the valves on either side.She had this setup at the Thetford enduro last week.

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    PIG 'Everything sucks'
    so I put Jack Daniels in one and coke in the other and I can choose which I want, or both at the same time so I can get merry whilst riding my favourite stretch of ST....

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    I bought a small vango daysack for 10, a Platypus 2l bladder for about 5 and a Platypus tube and valve for about 10.I could easily put in another bladder, tube and valve. and spare clothes and stuff. And I can put the hydration bits in a bigger rucksack for offroad touring and things.

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    Charlie T
    In Harrogate once, at the Grand Hotel, a woman came to the bar next to me and ordered a Lager and Orange. Vomit in a glass I reckon. She even offered me some Try it it's lovely.." Er, no thanks.Like the double bladder idea for enduros"

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    tim murfin
    Do Trek throw in a free visit to the chiroprator as well, when you buy the double bladder version?

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    I came across Beer and tomato juice in a bar in Aurora (Washington State I think?)It tasted like a mouthfull of sick.Not a good bladder combination.

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    Mike Hanson
    Guest and more beer! I like the idea

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    In nothern spain they (well the 14 year olds) drink red wine and coke. Perfect for partying all night. Bladders arent rally a problem as they pi## in the street.

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    Senior Member Fat Bear's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    The perfect drink combination is tequila & tabasco sauce. The tabasco sits at the bottom of the glass so when you down it you get an amazing series of assaults on the senses.

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    Charlie T
    The Portuguse drink beer and Tabasco, and d'you know, it's actually rather nice. (Best tried with Super Bock, available from most Oddbins, and original Tabasco, althought the new Habanero one will do)

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    Senior Member Combat Wombat's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    bet it'll be a bugger to clean

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