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    Tim David
    Any guesses on the secret frame material?Whatever - sign me up for one.

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    Rob Sutherland

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    Gary Ewing
    Kevin Hodgson. Extruded into tubes.

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    Senior Member Dave Carlson's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Cheese. Probably Wensleydale.

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    Carbon damped chocolate

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    old melted down pace dh frames and forks

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    Paul Smith
    Stiffness, or stiffness to weight??Ceramic is way stiffer than all aluminium alloys, but hardly any use for making a frame.Got to be some kind of Carbon-Fibre composite - maybe long strand nylon reinforced?carbon-carbon refractory composite? (now being used for certain race engine pistons btw)

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    Lots of those carbon-look Pace stick on frame protectors all glued together. Must have a job lot of 'em left.

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    Ian Munro
    With Pace's track record, Let's just hope it doesn't rely on component parts being glued together.

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    Paul Smith
    Now if they're clever, they'll use composite tubing, filled with Graphitic Foam. Now that's bloody stiff stuff!! Cheap too :-)

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    As I said, carbon weave chocolate! Does nobody listen to me?;0>

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    Allan Knabe
    jammy dodgers.I told em to build a full sus about 2 years ago, but they refused point blank saying they weren't interested, a cunning double bluff? I might still have the email around here somewhere.....

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    More Gears Than Sense
    They may make use of the F&M crises and make it out of dead sheep. Hmmmm, not sure about the smell tho?

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    More Gears Than Sense
    Actually I think that Pace should employ one of those people that does balloon animals. Thats the fella, full sus xc balloon bike. Nah, that'd be far to reliable for Pace to get involved in!

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    Gary Ewing
    3 speed sturmey archer?Anyway, Jammy dodgers would be more tasty than dead sheep.What about frame members made of pencils? Surely that would be even cheaper than Graphitic foam?

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    Dave FSR
    How about glass fibre reinforced plastic? Has that been done before? What were the Scott Endorphins made of, btw?I doubt it's carbon-carbon composite, that would cost a stupidly large amount.Other posibilties - wood? wool? -from all those dead sheep?selotape, string and bubblegum composite? Oops, no, they've used that for forks already ;p From my riding mates' experience of Pace, fine for XC, forget it for anything else (blown up an RC37 5 times!), but the warantee backup is great!

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    Paul Smith
    I've looked into this one... I've just got off the phone to Adrian at Pace, and as it turns out, they're using bar. Like a tube, but not hollow.Also experimenting with a new form of blu-tac, but it's tough to heat treat and keep it straight.

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    Julian Shuttle
    Toblerone tubes bonded with toothpaste, oops they've already done that one.

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    where's my picture gone

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    More Gears Than Sense
    Wasn't that Dentafix?No I think you are right about the toothpaste cos the Dentafix stuff actually sticks, apparently?!

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