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    Who can find this weeks most nightmarish celebrity clone?Some suggestions for the DNA melting pot so far are....TV's David Dickinson and Corries Fred Elliot.....(not so much lovejoy as lovepies!)World Supremesist George W bush and never live that Camping film down" Barbara Windor (anything that excitable with a red button cannot be bad news )and a finally Mr Frustration Chris Tarrant and A-Team Vet.... Mr T!(is that yo final answer fooooo!)Further suggestions on a postcard(or this forum too)I can think of a more nightmarish celebrity clone.....BBC TelevisionWood LaneLondon"

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    Anne Brown
    All celebrities should be neutered.

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    Senior Member Zippy McFly's Avatar
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    Lulu (assuming some sad sicko has kept hold of her DNA) and Hannibal

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    the elephant guy? or Lecter?Now that would be scary!I short, excitable high pitched pyschotic cannibal Though of a couple more....Anne Widecombe and Matthew Kelly (just doesnt bear thinking about)Rob Warner and Graham Norton(i can see the movie now... Captain Caveman goes to camp.....)

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    Anne Robinson X Claire RainerYou are the weakest link - aah, you poor lovey..""

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    Senior Member Fat Bear's Avatar
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    Esther Ransen & Mick Jagger.Every time she'd open her mouth those teeth would cut the big lips to ribbons.

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    hehehe kewlHow about everyones favourite sax machine Bill Clinton and Judy Finnegan......Daytime TV would never be the same again....

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    Anne Brown
    that welsh bint and Michael Douglas... and whats worse is it really has happened!!!!!!!!

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    i was considering John Major and Edwina Currie but didnt mention it for the same reason

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    Pat Mustard
    <Rob Warner and Graham Norton>Surely CAMPtain Cavemen.

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    you're talking about hybrids not clones

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    picky picky picky....What exactly does it matter?

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    Mr. Ste (*Moooo*)
    dale winton and saddam hussaini want all my warheads in pink, lovey

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    Charlie T
    Lloyd Grossman and Jamie Oliver. Cooking c***s the pair of them

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