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    Shergie (Art Students, Tsk, Tsk...)
    MBUK simpley for mint sause and mindlessly killing time,

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    Senior Member
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    Jul 2004
    To be honest, I don't have a problem with MBUK.Of all the UK magazines it seems to have the best coverage of the sport as a whole, and I find myself reading the vast majority of the articles.

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    MBUK definatley is the funniest mag i have ever read and thats what matters to me, but the also do good coverage of everything

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    MBUK all the way

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    MBUK kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Greggy * *
    I used to like MBR when I first got into the sport, but then I read MBUK which got me into Dirt Jumping so now I have to read it! When was the last time MBR did an article on Bicycle Super Cross!!??The last mountain bike magazine I bought was DIRT which is full of glossy pages and costs less than 3. However it features small amounts of BMX and motox but that just makes for a refreshing change.However I am a loyal subscriber to MBUK and that does not look to change in the near future!!

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    No contest....DIRT!!!

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    If MBR started doing articles on Bicycle Super Cross (or BSC, for the BSE generation!), then I'd have to bomb King's Reach Tower, or worse, cancel my subscription...

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    Will (
    I buy STW and MBR and read any other bike related material i can get my hands on.

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    Senior Member Ryan Gallagher's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    What MTB and singletrack are the mags i buy every month (What MTB bi-monthly). Singletrack is a good mag for having around the house as its a lovely glossy mag and also although it doesn't have much content, what content it has is very in depth.What MTB is imho the best for the amount of info given and also the quality of the info...

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