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Thread: Wimmin's Logic

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    nick cummins
    And I quote:I've had to hide those biscuits, otherwise they'll get eaten"What?Deeply mad."

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    Dr Dolittle - Broken bike, broken finger, broken heart.....
    Women can't use logic. Its a well know fact. I was trying to explain to Diane yesterday that I thought she was great because she was marginally less useless than most women. She didn't seem impressed.......

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    Senior Member Ryan Gallagher's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Or the immortal you love that bike more than me"........"

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    James With Added Malt
    I keep getting told that I dont need any more bikes!!!! I mean come on.

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    Anne Brown
    blah blah blah, try and propagate the species without us... we aren't the ones who are relatively redundant.;-p

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    Or indeed try to propagate the species without US either? But it does take 2 to tango, and it's far more fun that way. What's logic got to do with it anyway?

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    Anne Brown
    we" already have a large supply of "you" frozen.;-)or we could just keep a "bull stud" around."

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    Anne Brown
    LOL no logic at all AM.:-)

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    Yep, Bettaware have plenty of turkey basters we could all use.AM, it certainly is more fun in a twosome, but I've always found two women the most agreeable twosome to have

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    Tony Blair President of Britain
    And the most agreeable to watch ;o)

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    Mr. Ste
    Go dimagine the world run by wimmin... all that irrational bitching......oh no hold on.... do you think that bush maybe a woman?

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    Senior Member Eion Murdock's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    If Bush was a woman, he'd say he didn't mind Saddam really, then go off and b!tch about him to Tony Blair...

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    his hollyness serge the second
    if the world was run by women, and all politicians were women, as they were all in the parliment together would there body clocks all get together in one massive potential PMT bomb?

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    Mr. Ste
    But imagine watching all the poilitical battes and relegoius wars being solved my bithc fighting...or possibly a simple naked mudwresling match?its not all bad

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    Andy Perry
    OK peeps, shall we get back to the thread subject.Here is some that I have heard... any more interesting ones?APDo you know how much you've spent on that bike?""But you'll just get it dirty""

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    Ian Munro
    Girl at work:The suspension on my bike stopped working earlier this week.Me: Eh? You haven't got any suspension on your bike.Girl: Are you sure?, it feels very bumpy now.Me: (of course I fecking sure. I a MAN goddamit, don't question my knowelege)I'll go and look....Ah, I see the problem. How could you ride the bike for 3 days (4 miles a day) with a flat back tire and not notice?Girl: See, I was right the suspension isbroken.Me: No that's a puncture.Girl: But the air was suspending me?Me: Well, erm yes, but that's not what's meant by suspesnsion.Girl: So it's suspending me, but it's not suspension?Me: <sigh> Shall I just fix it, and accept that you are always right.Girl: What a splendid idea.

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    Gary Ewing
    Mr Ste,Have you seen any female politicians recently? Anne Widdecombe?Go to bed and get some rest until you feel better, 'cos you are obviously not well!

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    Anne Brown
    and it took you THAT long to work out that she is right?;-)

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    Mr. Ste
    Anne Widdecomes female???haha, yeah right good one! since when....

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    Gary Ewing
    Apparently us blokes are crap at Multi tasking".It's an argument I'm guessing most blokes have suffered, as some kind of wierd explanation of why women are better at things than men.Said argument goes: Men are crap at multi tasking because back in caveman times they were the hunter-gatherers, who has to focus on providing food and shelter and nothing else, whereas the cave-women had to raise kids and make clothing and do the dishes and hang the washing up and hoover the cave and polish the ornaments and complain that cave-man would just turn up with a dead stegosaurus and expect it cooked with au-gratin potatoes before the Flintstones came on the telly regardless of who they were on the phone to at the time.So women are therefore incredibly skilled at Multi tasking.And men aren't.Even if said man can actually cook a better fry up than said woman.The fry up with poached/fried eggs, fried tomatoes, mushrooms and onions, bacon, toast and enough cups of tea is apparently the perfect test of true multi tasking.I also find it curious that this same kitchen based test should be suggested by more than one woman, and even though I can do the above quite satisfactorily, I'm still apparently crap at multi-tasking because I didn't notice that the salt cellar was almost empty when I laid the table, or because I didn't put napkins out. As if napkins have ever been an essential part of breakfast."

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