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Thread: A cheery wave!

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    Seems to be a growing phenomenon among the capital's drivers. It's the same old pull out / cut you up routine but now they do it with a cheery wave as if to say Yes, I've seen you but I'm going to run you over anyway." Chumps.People who don't look are one thing - you can usually second guess their actions - but this is especially galling. My score this morning was three in the space of ten minutes. Peckham seems to be a particular hotspot too.Ban this sick outrage!"

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    Anne Brown
    They obviously just assume you'll give way to them when they wave at you.And guess what you do.;-)

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    Jul 2004
    seen this happen more and more in London, my new thing is to ride into the side of their car and scrape my metal bar end plugs along the a treat, when muppet gets out to try and beat you up, simply kick the door very hard after they have swung a leg out to get out the car...ouch!!

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    Senior Member Dave Carlson's Avatar
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    I blame all the drivers in their fancy german cars...;-)

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    Roel, you are one angry man (read your thing about the dog-do); glad you're on our side!I find SPD shoes are good against bodywork too although the one time I did that I felt racked with guilt for weeks afterwards.I'm too much of a softie to pick fights on a regular basis but I'll bear your advice in mind!

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    Honest mistakes I can live with. Everyone does something daft occasionally, me included.The ones that get to me are people who do mind bogglingly stupid things when they know full well they are doing something dangerous.For example the woman who overtook me UP THE INSIDE then turned right. I couldn't believe it!Mobile phones is another one - people know it's dangerous, but they still insist on doing it. I've lost count of the number of times I've nearly been mown down by someone yapping away on their Nokia.

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    And you're right Dave, especially Merc drivers - worst of the lot! ;-)

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    I'm not angry....I just react *badly* to people who want me run me over with their damn car, or to infect me with that disease you get from dog faeces (btw my friend has that disease and has to take pills to stop the worms that are embedded in his eyeballs from bursting out...poor bugger!)

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    Entirely fair enough. Can we set up some kind of BM thundercats style beacon to summon you whenever a loyal BMer finds themself in trouble? Kind of like a kick-ass superman thing. But better dressed.That worms disease sounds grim. Is that forever or do they eventually die off? *shudders*

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    Open the rear passenger side door - they have to get out to close it. Lovely non-violent form of protest I find. Unless they speed up & close it by hitting it against you...

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    Anne Brown
    or it's locked. Like most people should/would have them.

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    Yes Hugh I've done that before - very effective (and funny)

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    Anne Brown
    but I like the non-violent protest idea.

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    Andy Edwards
    Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill them all...

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    Anne - you'd be surprised - all these folk with central unlocking who never lock themselves in. I used to ride with an old (67 y/o) roadie who had metal studs on the back of his right glove, and would smash his fist down onto the top of cars.

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    Anne Brown
    wouldn't want to upset him then;-)

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    Cullen Ward
    Don your best 'I'm lost but friendly' look, tap on the window, when they wind it down grab the keys and throw them as far as you can. Leg it

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    I thought about doing that but never have...

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    Daniel Wood
    Awww, thanks Anne ;-)

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    Anne Brown

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