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    michael smith
    would a mavic 521 rim on deore hub be any good?

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    For what type of riding? And what price?

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    Senior Member Ben Bilsland's Avatar
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    I used Deore hubs for over a year and found them to be excellent (if a little useless for discs)Mavic D521 is a great rim, even for xc. if your a big bloke the leeway is nice

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    vote for D521 if u do freeride/drops/D/H.hmm, too many /'s

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    PIG "Why is my knee in a permanent state of buggeredness?"
    Or if you are a heavyish XCer something beginning with F should do you nicely, can't remember the numbers though

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    F519 is what you mean.The rims you'll want are:For V brakeslight XC/racing X517light XC abrasive conditions/long life X618hard XC/freeride - F519Hard freeride/DH - D521For disc brakesLight XC/race X3.1 and X317Freeride F219DH D321Have a look at

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    James, Human it would seem
    519 probably, Pig.

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    James, Human it would seem
    Just nipped in there in front of me

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    no experience with 521's yet, but i have had deore hubs for a while now. Have never had any problems with them and they seal rather well. They seem pretty much the same as the LX hubs but with a slightly different shaped body. Mine are not disk compatible. if you do want to or are considering running discs go for the flanged version because it doesnt look odd and isnt going to get filled with dirt.

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    Has anyone had any experiences with the FIR W420 xc rim.Merlin have the following on their site, i was wondering if as a newbie to xc they would be ok to start me off, the price seems ok aswell and the LX hubs will match my LX groupset.PAIR LX - FIR W420 XC *Pair 2003 LX hubs*FIR W420 XC rims*Handbuilt with stainless steel double butted spokes*Rims are in Silver only with brake wear indicator*Rim weight 434g each*Excellent value (RRP on rims alone is 66) Price: 69.95

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    A Journey Of A 1000 Miles Begins With a Single Coffee
    I bought some FIR Rims MT232 a year back I think and they've been great they wear indicator has hardly gone down and I ride most days and Ive only had to do a minor true on the rear wheel but thats no hardship, good weight too. But I'm only 9.5 stone so for a 14 stone bloke say they might be a little flimsy but I dont no

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    Godverdomme! (Kut)
    I recently had my 11 year old Mavic 321's destroyed in a collission with a Spanish Tourist (I live in Hamsterjam), and as a special replacement treat went and purchased the reddest rims in the local bike shop. They just so happened to be FIR 400n somthings (or thereabouts) laced to XT hubs. I'm no lightweight, topping the scales at 95Kilo's, I think that's about 14/15 English Stones, but these little fellas don't mind at all. I'm only four months into their eventual destruction but so far they have resisted my tram/ tourist/ taxi/ canal crash tests.

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    James Cole
    I got ttwo pairs of wheels with 521s, and they are extremely strong, but there is a weight penalty to go with that. If strength is your priority, then go for theseFamously Steve Peat uses them, rather than the 321s, so they must be good

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    I am a 15 stone fella, big boned or so i,m told truth is the old chest has slipped to the waist, so I am i bit concerened about strength. FIR seem to have a good rep so as long as the 420,s last awhile i,ll be happy.

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