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    Andrew..... losing my summer again!!
    Intellisync Lite, made by Pumatech, came with my Sony Clie CD. Now has failed, deleted itself off my laptop and consequently my handheld is not backing up to my laptop as it is meant to. Have emailed SOny as their support website is wank.But I have noted that there are some real rocket scientists on this forum and thought one of you may have the answer.For the boffins - will not re-install and says 'error 112 - can not compress or read compression for install, contact provider' or something like that.

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    what 'handheld' have you got?

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    I`m Steve Higgins, who the hell are you?
    Hey dude...... i have a large hammer, want me to fix the mo/fo for ya?

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    I`m Steve Higgins, who the hell are you?
    trees are good"Only when ya don`t hit `em Oli ......"

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    Andrew..... losing my summer again!!
    RTW, Sony Clie PEG T-625C if that helps.

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    Andrew..... losing my summer again!!
    Sorry to resurrect this thread but one of you techo people has to have an answer - the bloke that posted about trees can stay away unles he has something sensible to add this time!!

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