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    Ginger beer every time for me (shop over the road has cans of KA" Ginger beer on special for 29p - mmmmmm)Other options obviously include:Root beer (again: mmmmmmmm)Traditional lemonadeMust be others but I can't think of them"

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    Mike Mason
    Dandilion and Burdock must be a favourite of mine. Can't remember the last time I drank it though

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    I'ii go with the ginger beer, Sainsburys have started doing traditional bottles in the sandwich fridge - great on a hot day.

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    Sainsburies do a ginger beer with added chilie - very nice

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    Anne Brown
    Yup Good ole ginger beer. Proper brewed stuff too. Yum.For plain lemonade you really can't beat Schweppes.

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    Beverley Commando Girl
    Cherryade I've got a bottle of dandilion and burdock in my fridge which is nice too.

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    Charlie T
    Got to be Fentimans Ginger Beer for me. Or the highly alcoholic ginger beer my ex-girlfriends mother used to brew up, definitely not soft.

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    Mike Mason
    Does anyone still drink American Cream Soda...?I am anticipating an answer of 'probably. somewhere'

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    Beverley Commando Girl
    'probably. somewhere'

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    Senior Member Clubber (DL)'s Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Grape Soda's good.As is proper full fat Coca Cola

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    Ryan Gallagher (i have a dream)
    irn bru

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    Mark............. feeling cheap
    gotta be Irn-Bru.......simply cant be beaten

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    Senior Member Dan Souf's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    'Peron Saft'Swedish, very nice.

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    Mike Mason

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    I went to the chinese supermarket a couple of weeks back and they had cans of Sweat".I resisted temptaion and didn't buy a can"

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    Senior Member Clubber (DL)'s Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    <disgusted>Irn Bru?No no no and no again. *spits*</disgusted>

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    James "who put that tree there?!?!" Duffin
    irn bru and dandylion and burdock

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    all in one glass?now that is gag worthy

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    Senior Member Milo Bloom's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Erm... water. Sorry.

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    Si McNally - Ready to ride!
    Tizer anyone?While in Devon I saw some Hot Ginger Beer for sale that had added chillies for extra hotness.

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