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Thread: W@#k1nG @ Work

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    We all do it. How often do you have a swift one off the wrist at work?

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    nick (Elephant Rider) cummins
    Oh dear, a bit too much info thanks, Hugh

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    Flossie ...
    Uhhh.....What you on ??One idiot I work with had an uncontrolable urge some time ago and decided to go for a tug in cubicle No.2.Pillok didn't realise the floor was wet and the crowd of assembled work mates could see what was going on in the reflection !He got a standing ovation on his return to the office and consiquently went sick for 3 weeks !!

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    Senior Member Milo Bloom's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    I do find it disturbing when post office counter staff do it.

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    Dr Dolittle - trust me, I'm a rodent.....
    I've got no time to smack one off at work! Every minute I'm there I'm kept busy. Busy slacking on BM that is.....

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    Nick Cummins, with a name like that...

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    Anne Brown
    you should talk, Hugh

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    Todd Unctuous
    No, can't be bothered. Think I'll go and read MBR instead. I'm looking forward to the review of mini disc players. Which seems odd. In a mountainbike mag.

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    nick (Elephant Rider) cummins
    Ho ho ho ho ho ho Like i've NEVER heard THAT one before

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    Anne - thought you'd recognise me

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    Anne Brown
    not from this angle

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    Ah, but it's a cold day, honest..

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    collin ulli
    its amazing it is to type with one hand...with a little practice.

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    Anne Brown
    ja, furr surrrre

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