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    It's not rational, but why do I derive such satisfaction from vaping windows XP installations?We've just bought 2 new HPs - 1 lap top and 1 std base unit. Both come with XP pre-loaded, needing installation and setting up. Jon (with the laptop) was really looking forward using it. That was Wednesday. The amount of cursing coming from the desk opposite me is quite astonishing ;) He has been quite impressed with how well it runs Opera though 8-)The other box was, as they say, DOA with a loose connection, but soon fixed that. And of course, at first boot it tried to install XP, then tried to stop me re-booting. Finally killed it, and got this feeling of incredible satisfaction. Am I alone in this or do others share this un-explained dislike of their new eXPerience?Beginning to wish I could migrate the company to

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    Anne Brown
    Not used it, not in a hurry to do so either.

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    I use it all the time - I find its quite nice actually

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    Senior Member Ryan Gallagher's Avatar
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    i got it on my home laptop and it is the worst windows yet. I have used all other variants and this one has so many hidden areas that it becomes a liability unless you want to be permanantley linked to microsofts website. I want to get my old laptop back with millenium as this was a lot easier to use and never gave me half the crap that XP does.

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    James * TC Time to fight*
    I like XP had no problems apart from getting it to talk to a win 98 machine over a network.

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    Marco Framboli
    its rubbishalmost as bad as WinceId prefer to stick with 2000.(Interestingly - XP is so stable have you noticed the copy of XP server yet? No thought not)

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    I agree Marco - 2000 seems fair (although not as 'friendly' as 95. 98 is too unstable, and I wouldn't use it at all if I didn't want USB support. As for ME!

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    Anne Brown
    What about NT?

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    Marco Framboli
    fine as long as you dont have USB

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    Marco Framboli
    anyone successfuly using linux at home?

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    Matt Savage
    We're on NT and apart from restrictions that our IT people put on it's never been a problem. The Toshiba laptops however were shite and have been replaced with IBM's

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    NT is actually quite simple to use and dead stable. It's just really cacky because of all the admin tools/rights and the way they're implemented.Marco - I'm going to try Linux at home as soon as I fix the spare PC (dead power supply). It's a shame that BeOS isn't going still, although I'm sure that somewhere I've got it on a CD. It will also be worth looking out for Lindows, available in September I think.

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    Marco Framboli
    agreeI had an initial tryout with redhat on a very old pc with redhat and it looked pretty good despite the initial problems I had getting it to work on my token ring(!) network. Shame Ive only got crappy PCs at home really cos it really could have done with more oomph.Im in the process of installing it at work to give me some decent (free) network tools so Ill see how that goes.

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    Rob Sutherland
    Tried Linux at home (Suzi?) and didn't really get on with it too well. Just isn't the apps support that I was looking for, and it was overly complex!At work we run, mostly, 2k. I had the oppertunity to upgrade" to XP but avoided it like the plague! A couple of laptops came in with it recently and it isn't too bad once you get used to it (installed Pro on the home PC to get the hang of it so as not to look too foolish!). I hate Orifice XP though... sorry, that should be Office. Grrrr, naff, horrible, intrusive...ME though - that was the biggest pile of cack ever... and I used to run OS/2 Warp :-)"

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    Si Davies
    i can't believe how bad ME is - can't believe that XP is worse? Got to upgrade so that i can run .NET.2000 ain't too bad but i no longer have a copy and can't rip one off from work (even if i wanted to which of course i never would as that would be a bad thing). However, i find that constantly shutting down the web services and restarting tends to knacker other stuff. Luckily you don't have this problem with XP - oh no, if you need to drop a DLL out of memory you need to either reboot the machine or delete and recall the DLL - don't you just love progress?

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    Todd Unctuous
    Stick to 2000

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    alex spencer (MI BIK IS TANK)
    i don't find xp pro too bad, not had any real problems with it yet, and it seems pretty stable for what i do (downloading a silly amount of everything) but you really need to set it to look like proper windows and and never try to update if your using the fckgw (i think) keycode because they can fork your computer up.

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    Mike Legg
    linux is the singlespeed of the computing worldNote how many 'old' windows machines get linux installed on them

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    Mike Legg
    And speaking as someone who makes s/w for windows for a living, is XP really any different to 2000? I was under the impression that there are no fundimental changes. This is the certainly the case with the platform documentation I deal with. Or am I fooled?

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    alex spencer (MI BIK IS TANK)
    i'm pretty sure xp is just a prettied version of 2000 with newer err software with it or something.

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