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    Leftover Lefley
    Hey, can I add a bit to this debate- on a positive note?I snapped a Kona Fire Mtn, I stripped all the parts off the bike and took the frame to the local Kona dealer, which was not the shop where I had bought it 5yrs earlier, they sent it off to 2nd Level for the very reasonable price of 7. For that 7 I got a nice new matt black Kiluea, had the choice of a Cinder Cone as well, and a very good insurance quote on the rebuild once I finished it.All this fantastic service from Bike in Bristol in exchange for postage and a packet of digestive biscuits!

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    alex spencer (MI BIK IS TANK)
    was it sherwood or somewhere else??

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    So Wysiwyg, does this shop know that you sell on all the XT/XTR mechs you buy off them at trade price?

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    wysiwyg (ribbed for your pleasure)
    who says thats where i get em from...if you do, your wrong.

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    Senior Member Clubber (DL)'s Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    whose wrong?

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    wysiwyg (ribbed for your pleasure)
    the ants arent

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