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    Brother Will Disciple of SRAM
    no matter how old you get

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    Paul Harrison
    Sorry, nobody must want one.

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    Senior Member James D's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Shame about the cost & 3 metre range.

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    Senior Member
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    Jul 2004
    I think what you meant was I want one of these..

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    Dr Dolittle - Cute, evil and bored....
    Already got one......I use it as a cat toy.

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    cooky! *shirt ninja*
    those ones are shite, get the original TOMY Bit Char-Gs, you can modify them, change engines, tyres, shells, suspension (they have about 2mm of travel) add working headlights/brakelights/indicatorsyou can even change the range on them (with a tiny bit of fiddling)and best of all by adding another tiny battery you can REALLY soup these little fuckers up, mine's a 'Booster Machine' Skyline so it's a turbo, but the extra battery makes it piss all over mine. i'll find the them on, sells the kit i've got for 70, i got it for 30~ off ebay direct from hong kong, took about a week, but when you're saving the cost of the car, you'd be a clown to complain.

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