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    I have put a couple of clips from my film up, take a look and tell me what you think (I Know the quality of the clips is poor, the real footage is REALLY good tho)

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    Chris Wilkinson
    some great stuff there, what equipment do you use, camera ect?I like the way you shoot out of focus and then let them ride into focus, very efective.Keep it up.chris.

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    Thanks ChrisI shoot on a Sony 130 dockable with DVCAM rear end. It is a full size broadcast camera with broadcast lens. It makes such a difference in the quality. I am a big fan of doing stuff out of focus, there is a limit to what you can do with bike stuff so9 it is good to try and do something visually different.

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    Chris Wilkinson
    I was going to suggest having some bike-mounted shots, but with that rig, no way, heh.I was looking into getting one of the camera lens extensions that you can mount to anything as detailed at, what do you think? They have some excellent film of loads of trails from around the country. I have a sony dv camcorder, which is quite small and easily portable in a camelback or somesuch.chris.

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    Shame the clips are latest realplayer format. I've found recent versions can really stuff up a windows box.

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    Yeah, I am going to do some lipstick can stuff with Geall and the boys very soon, done properly it can work really well - depends on whether I can do it properly. Gonna have a look at that site now.

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    Tell me more about the real player issue- what would be better for downloading??P

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    Mpeg would be best as most players can understand that - doesn't tie you in to using Quicktime or real playeralso, avoid the DivX codec as it means downloading adware....

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    I will see what size I can get Mpegs down to.P

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    Thanks Pete. Julian is spot on.

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    Andy Jones
    Real is evil. Hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'emGrrrrThere's nothing in this world that I hate more than software that automatically makes config changesExcept bananas of course. Can't stand bananas.

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    Bananas??God's energy sticks mate.YUM YUM YUM , so my next film bananas go bananas (only available as a reeal player download) is not gonna excite you then?

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    Excite him? He'll probably get apoplexy.

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    Scott Mansell
    Can i add to this, i've gotta site with some on-board vids on too, if your interested see and new videos page :-www.bugpowderdust.comMost vids taken from the tandem, lots of southern rides (north/south downs) and vids from welsh road trip to cyb and cwm carn.

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