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    Dave @ Dirtscene
    OK, I need some help. I was sent some bike parts by Recorded Delivery on 10 June. When they didn't turn up a few days later, I phoned Royal Mail who didn't help me. In fact I've phoned Royal Mail every other day since the 13 June and they still can't help me as to where my parcel is! Well last night I found out that it had been returned to the sender all mangled and the only expensive stuff in there has been nicked! Great So I ring Royal Mail ready to kick off this morning and they listened whilst I went off my head and apparently the sender has to file a claim but the chances are that we'll only be able to claim 27 max. This ain't too good when the missing stuff was a pair of Deore Hydro discs worth about 150.So what I need to know is:a) if Royal Mail don't pay up, can I take them to the small claims court?b) how long would this take to go through?c) would it cost me if they laughed at me and said that I don't have a leg to stand on?d) surely if you place your trust in the Royal Mail to deliver something (that is what they are there for after all), then it should be delivered? It wouldn't have been so bad if the parcel had just been lost" but for the box to have been mangled and the discs nicked? That ain't very good is it?e) is it likely that they will pay up?Cheers Everyone,(a very pissed off) Dave"

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    You can take them to court for something like 30. But you'll lose. The sender has to do it anyway unless you can prove that you had arranged it with the carrier as a 'collection' rather than the other person sending it. Unfortunately its the senders responsibility to 'insure' any valuables being sent.If you were buying these parts then you have not signed for them so shouldn't have to pay as the sender has no POD.

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    yeah thats pants, but if you orderd them from a shop then its there responsability, if you bought them from someone else then its slightly different. your best bet is if its not from a shop then to contact your local trading standards agency. but if its a shop then it is there problem not yours especialy if you paid with a credit/debit card... good luck

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    nick cummins
    Agree with Ed, the recorded delivery system, insures the sender only. You've paid for the goods, i presume then you have a contract, with the sender. They will have to give you you're money back, or replace the goods. The fact that they were knicked en route to you is NOT your problem. Don't go at the PO, go at the sender.

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    Si McNally wants to eat cheese
    Did you pay by credit card?If so they may be able to help as most of them provide 90 days insurance.

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    Dave @ Dirtscene
    What it was is that I recently swapped my Santa Cruz Bullit for a new Curtis SX and I was going to get the discs as part of the deal. I was then going to sell the discs on to my friend who has also just got a Curtis. So I didn't deal with a shop or pay anything or owt. I've told Steve that Royal Mail have said that he has to sort it from his end but I just don't us both to get shafted as a result of their mistake. And it means that Chris ain't gonna get a pair of dead cheap disc brakes

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    Matt Savage
    Doesn't credit card insurance normally have a 50 excess? However, as has been said you haven't recieved them so should either be sent replacements ar get your hard cash returned. Get proper legal advise from CAB or someone so you are argueing from a position of knowledge. That said most bike shops would be understanding and are probably quite used to stuff going missing in the post... How do you think Royal mail keep all their bikes going! :-)

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    Tom ( . Y . ) (34C)
    ask the sender to check the maximum insurance value and claim it for himself to replace the parts to send to you, or if he camt be arsed then ask for your money back, it's his problem not yours at the moment. he has an obligation to get the parts you paid for to you or give you your money back. tom

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    Dave @ Dirtscene
    I think it might be sorted! Woo hoo!

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    Si McNally wants to eat cheese
    Glad to hear it.That was quick.

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    Wtf !

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    Spam, look at the dates.

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