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Thread: North Leeds

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    I can't do Tuesday either. Will probably struggle to get Thursday afternoon off - will let you know if that changes

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    Have been asked to do the cycle leg of a triathlon relay by a friend who was knocked off his bike and has a broken hip!
    So gonna head out on the road bike tonight to get some miles in as its only 2 weeks away...
    Sorry for turning to the dark side!

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    Senior Member crasher 2's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    I feel your pain, The force is strong

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    So is it just me left?

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    Senior Member Rob M's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    you and few spammers! yep this place prettywell dead. There seems to be a bit of interest on the Baildon FB page, not sure anyone's fixed an actual time & place yet though.

    I been injured and had 3 months without biking, just started back on it for the commute but not tried bumpy stuff. Might try for a very gentle pootle Tues (7th) night around local stuff, can stop off at the Junction Baildon @ 7:30 if want, but is short notice so not really expecting anyone.
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    I've got to do an online conference thingy this evening so can't make it - could do later in the week or next week if you're up to it?

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    Senior Member Rob M's Avatar
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    hokay next Tue (14th) then.

    night ride from; Junction Inn Baildon bottom BD17 6AB @ 7:30
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    If it wasn't for this bone idleness I would be there! Actually I am very busy at work and don't seem to get home in time with any energy left.......yes, you're right, it's bone idleness really.

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    Next Tuesday should be good for me - I'm in Hull all day but should just about make it back in time.

    Bone idleness... an easy trap to fall into - remember this is guilt free beer though!

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    See you boys tonight then!

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    Senior Member Rob M's Avatar
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    erm, yep.

    Don't expect 'owt epic!

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    Anyone riding tomorrow?

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    Yeah paul. What do you fancy?
    It's the longest day!
    Fancy exploring a bit more up round by swinsty etc?
    7.30 from sun inn?

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    Might have to dip tonight - have some sort of stomach bug and not really ship shape to ride, sorry

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    Ok mate. Hope u r feeling better soon

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    Off to stainburn on Saturday morning if anyone fancies...?

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    Working unfortunately

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    Member Sir Baldrick's Avatar
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    Nov 2013
    I am planning on riding again soon....... no really, I am. Don't know when yet. Watch this space.....

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    That's great news baldrick anyone out tonight ?
    Sun inn 7.30?

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    Anyone fancy meanwood trail tomorrow night ? Should be nice and dry. New pub too! Stables pub at Weetwood hall hotel 7.30?
    Another mile approx closer to Leeds centre on the otley road LS16 5PS.

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