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Thread: North Leeds

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    ....... can't make Wed or Thur and next week is out for me, maybe the week commencing 10th June (my God, the year's half done already)

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    Julian Thomas
    There is a ride tomorrow (Wednesday 29/05/02) starting at The Dexter pub which is at (SE329403)the junction of Wigton Lane and Wike Ridge Lane.Start 19:00There were only three of us going but anybody else is very welcome to come along.The route may be on some of the trails we used last week.

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    Big Toad
    Time to resurect this again.Next Wednesday 5th June ? 7pm ? At Apperley Bridge as planned before ?

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    ...sorry to be a pain, can't do Wednesday but can do Thursday. Alternatively I can do most all evenings of the following week.

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    Big Toad
    Thursdays fine with me. Anyone else ?

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    Julian Thomas
    I can probably do Thursday

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    Stephen Greaves
    Julian I can meet on Thursday - 7pm?

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    Martin Hunt
    Are you meeting at Apperley Bridge Thursday ? Where, when, give us a clue where youre going

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    Big Toad
    Thursday 7pm, on the road behind the (Esso ? It has a red sign and is the only gargae down there- can't be missed) garage

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    If anyone fancies a ride tonight theres a 2 hour trailquest (orienteering on a mbike), starting from the New Inn at eccup.Its great fun and very friendly. I think the start is any time from 6 -7 .

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    I'll try and make it Thurs (although I have a lot of sorting out of stuff to do after being on holiday).Any ideas of a road name or number, or a grid ref of where the meet point is?Neil

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    pete short
    At risk of repeating myself, we ride in Harrogate every Wed evening 6.30/6.45. Give me a call on 01423 545413.

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    I would be interested as well, I live in Skipton

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    Big Toad
    The meeting point i have suggested is at the junction of the A658 which is also Harrogate road, and Apperley Lane. There's a petrol station with a red roof (possibly JET ?) on the corner. And Pete, why not come across and join us for a ride ?

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    Cheers for another top ride lads!

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    Julian Thomas
    Yes thanks Big Toad.Top ride - Just a shame I couldn't manage to keep in touch with you two at the front - I blame my advanced age!Never the less where's next weeks ride - anybody got any suggestions?Tues or Thurs would be best for me but will make space on Weds if needed.Start time is better at 19:00 - have a better chance of getting through the traffic and there is plenty of light til at least 21:00 now!

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    The man with the leopard skin saddle
    Cunningly, i am no longer the BT but (see above) so you'll all know exactly who i am.Thank you for entertaining my choice of lots of climbing into some rather murky weather conditions for June ! Next time i think i'll be bringing lights and mudguards.As for next week shall we provisionally say tues 7pm. I was going to suggest the Chevin again but then again i've never ridden the tracks that are out near Almscliff and across to Stainburn moor. Has anybody and if so how about meeting in that area for a ride ?

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    I don't care where we go, or indeed on which day! I'm not the best person to suggest a route for evening rides though - I tend to know more routes further afield (dales/peaks). I'm quite happy to tag along anywhere really.Neil

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    Stephen Greaves
    As I could not make last Wednesdsy's ride I am keen to ride with u guys either Tues or Thurs. Can someone suggest where to meet at Almscliff/Stainburn Moor, grid ref?

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    Yes, thanks for a good ride - even if I did slow you down a bit...any day is good for me

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