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Thread: North Leeds

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    MGTS, are you still up for showing me some rides around Harrogate? I've been off for a couple of weeks, but back in the saddle now.Let us know what you think, and if anyone else is interested..nothing too long or too strenious..

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    Senior Member Jonathan Hodd's Avatar
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    North Yorkshire
    i'm from harrogate - i'm still finding stuff but so far it's been limited to harewood, ripon and patley bridge (trying to be a good boy and keep to the bridleways!)

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    John (no mud to get stuck in)
    This week's ride is about 15 miles, some hills (well, it *is* Baildon/Guiseley) with some new stuff thrown in at the start and finish - finally got the Buck Wood new bit sorted, plus a new (to some) descent from the Old Glen House; the limbo trees have been cut down too, so that makes that bit easier.Decapitation Bridge - Buck Wood - Suspension Special - pooh, what's that smell - Spring Wood - Guiseley - Golf Course descent - Baildon Moor - Shipley Glen etc7pm Shoulder of Mutton (not the Malt Shovel as previously stated), Otley Road, Baildon.

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    Michael - I will be out for a pootle around this eve'. If you live or can get to Bilton area you're welcome to join me. Some bridleway & some quiet road, nothing strenuous. Email me if interested or phone if you have the contact list (don't really want to put my number up here).

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    Tim, where abouts are you setting off from, and what sort of time are you starting?

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    Michael - Setting off from home, could meet you at car park at the end of the cycle path down Bilton Lane. Could make it any time really but preferably not much after 7pm so we don't have to bother with lights.

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    how long you looking to ride for? time/miles??

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    Probably around hour & a half, mileage depends on you really, I'm just out for a pootle just to keep the legs going so I'm quite happy to ride at your pace. The riding is pretty easy so maybe 15 miles but we can see how it goes, there are plenty of options to shorten or lengthen.

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    is this where the car park is?,457750& st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srfI'l l see if I can clear it with the wife.....

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    Yep, that's it

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    ok, will try and see you there at 19:00...

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    OK I'll be there @ 7pm. Can you post up if you can't make it? I'll check the thread before I set off

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    yeah should be able to.I usually get home about 6:15 ish...

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    Myke Harrsion
    Cheers Roachy for the generous offer of a lift home, there'l b a drink in it for you. Also did I leave my bottle of chainlube in ur car a couple of weeks ago?

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    i will have a look.looks like a skip in the back of the car at the moment.

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    Tim, yes I will be comming, just got changed, and about to start loading up the car.see you there

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    Hi guys I'll be out tomorrow :-)

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    Tim, good ride last night, thanks very much, really enjoyed it.

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    No problem Michael

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    In answer to the question on the other thread I'm bringing the cake tonight (assuming I don't forget to put it in the car).

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